Monday, February 27, 2006

Haiku - The Big Lebowski movie

Big Lebowski Haiku

Haiku defined: a poem of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables
Lebowski Haiku: a Haiku poem comprised of dialogue from the movie
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In N Out Burger
Those are some good burgers, Dude
somewhere on Radford

Smokey's toe slipped
over the line a little
put the piece away

Chief of Police of
Malibu is a real

Walter has buddies
who died face down in the muck
Enjoys his coffee

In N Out Burger
is located on Camrose
Those are good burgers

I don't use the phone
and I sure as hell don't roll
shomer shabbas, Dude

My, my wife Bunny?
Do you see a wedding ring?
You got the wrong guy

Lotta ins, lotta
Outs, lotta what have you's, man.
Keeps his mind limber

Eved hear of the
Seattle Seven? Mm hmm.
Him and six others

Smoked the thai stick
Broke into ROTC
Doesn't remember

Monday, February 20, 2006

munich - Speilburg's new movie

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Steven Speilburg's new movie is Munich, at 164 minutes in length. Is it good? Some cool scenes of assassination I guess. Very long, too long. The last scene of the Olympic athletes being killed, in flashback, while Avner is in bed with his wife is stupid - I guess it was some kind of catharsis for Avner, but really dumb. The assassination scene with the woman was sexist and disgusting. The main theme is the moral relatavism of terrorism and counter terrorism: who are the real terrorist? When everyone is wrong, who is right? What was accomplished with Avner's assassinations? The theater was crowded, I saw it in a predominantly jewish area of pittsburgh and I understand Speilburg's purpose: let's start discussing Israel's tactics dealing with Hamas, with the Palestinian question, lets have dialogue about how to restore humanity, morality and peace in the middle east. But I think he could have done that with a shorter film, without the "kill the whore" assassination scene. How were women portrayed in the film? As a whorish assassin, a traditional wife/mother/stay at-home-keep-home woman, as Golda Meir the ruthless woman leader....this makes me think about how Speilburg protrays women in his other films....I will have to think about that.....Supposedly (I dont know this for sure) Natalie Portman thinks this movie sucks, she is offended by how israeli agents are portrayed, and she thinks Speilburg's message of moral reletavism in fighting terrorism is bullshit (she was born in Israeli). Hey, but she has made some controversial Israeli films (French director) and she has been criticized for being one of those "peacenik" American-jews-who-dont-understand-Israeli politics. I guess if this film gets people talking and thinking that it is good - but I dont want to see this film a second time. (there were great french cars in the movie - full of c ool looking Citroens!)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Jesus Christ action figure!

Here is a video about a Jesus Christ action figure (cross not included). The link was sent to me by my son Noah, so don't blame me! Funny, sick, but funny!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

New movie will Will Farrell parodies NASCAR - gang from Ron Burgundy appears again. watch trailer here.

I rented a car from the Nashville airport, the agent tells me (in accent): this airport is set up just like a NASCAR circuit, just one big oval, you just go round till you see the exit ramp..." As if everyone gets the NASCAR simile.

Monday, February 13, 2006

VP Cheney hunting

VP Cheney hunting
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VP Cheney not only shoots someone, but his victim is the leading Republican organizer in the state of Texas. News of the shooting was not announced by the WH, probably because Scott McClellan didn't know how to spin it. "VP Cheney, shooting at a suspected terrorist, accidently shot a fund raiser..." "Reacting to an irregular electronic spark to his heart, VP Cheney accidently shot a prominent Republican...." "Mistaking a long time friend for a reporter from the New York Times, VP Cheney shot a millionaire supporter..."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Photo essay of Cuban TV's

Cuban TV's
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Yes, a photo essay of Cuban TV's. They are old, soviet style, pre embargo TV's, and kept running just like the 1954 Chevy's. How to improve Cuba? Buy a PC for every household, free AOL for six months, just like a Dell deal. You'd have democracy in 2 weeks.

law and order valentines

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They're the rage! Sold out however. "In the criminal justice system, you're considered especially gorgeous."

Cute Video - Inter species love!

Here is a really cute Korean video about love, in this case, between a rabbit and a cat, but its a metaphor....really cute.

Ben shaved by Dave

ben shaved by Dave
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The Steelers won the Super Bowl, so Ben can finally shave! He gets a shave from David letterman. wow! 23 yrs old and on top of the world! He had a rough season, knee surgery, thumb cracked, lots of hits. This is a great pic!

Friday, February 03, 2006

clockers: Political Film spring 2006

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We just saw "Clockers" in political film, a great film by Spike Lee. The crime scene photos at the beginning are real, despite what film reviewers say on line (what do they know?) do you really think Spike would show staged murder scenes, if he could show real ones? Take a look again at those scenes: those are (were) real people. Look at the young man shot, thrown face down in a dumpster - dear god. And that beautiful Stevie Wonder song is playing in the background - the film starts mourning for those whose lives have been lost. There is an extensive discussion of Clockers here, it is a discussion of the film and Foucault's philosophy of space and social interaction (isolation). If you dont know who Foucault is, here is your chance. If there is student interest, I can put my copy of the DVD on reserve in library.

Here is the list of other films to be shown:
Postmodern Existential Politics
Dark Blue World

Postmodern Urban Drug Society

Postmodern Urban Drug Society Part II


Postmodern Race Relations

Jungle Fever

The Beginning of Postmodern Politics


Postmodern Zionism
Walk on Water

Postmodern Pittsburgh
Wedding for Bella (the Bread my Sweet)

Postmodern New World Order
Goodbye Lenin!

Postmodern American Journey
Maria Full of Grace

Postmodern American Journey Part II

Motorcycle Diaries

Postmodern Election
Bob Roberts

Postmodern Spiritual Journey
Pow Wow Highway

Postmodern Spiritual Journey Part II
Travelers and Magicians

Postmodern Spiritual Journey Part III
Donnie Darko

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Christmas Card from Pres. Bush

I want to share my christmas card from Pres. Bush. Actually it was a "happy holidays" card: those democrats don't allow "christmas" cards. Anyway if you look closely you can see the Bush twins falling down (whoops! they dropped a bottle) and a tortured iraqi prisoner has volunteered to stand in as a christmas (holiday) tree. This is taken from Bush's intern's blog which is really funny here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

jumbo jet landing at St. Martin's

jumbo jet St. Martin's
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Here is a video of tourists standing at the approach end of St. Martin's airport while a jumbo jet lands - listen to the woman screaming! Great. I used to do the same thing at Midway Airport in chicago, standing at the end of the departure, letting the jet fly over me, its engines on full throttle, my insides would shake.