Sunday, January 02, 2022

Traumatized child from WWII

 This child is named "Tereska," and she was photographed while at a facility for homeless children post war Poland.  She is from Roman Catholic family, father member of underground, tortured by Gestapo  Her family home bombed by Ukranians working with the fascist Germans to put down Warsaw rebellion. The task she was give was to draw a picture of her "home."  Unfortunately things did not improve for Tereska: she remained in mental health facilities (hell holes probably) and died in 1978 after choking on a sausage she stole from another patient. 

She is just one of millions of children whose lives were destroyed in the 20th century.  Children continue to be traumatized in conflict around the world: Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syrian, West Bank, Gaza, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, central American counties, the list is so long....

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