Saturday, July 18, 2020

President Kanye West on Mt. Rushmore

Yes it's Yeezy on Mt. Rushmore.  He has decided even before the election results that he will be on Mt. Rushmore.  I am surprised that his Presidential quest has not generated more publicity.  It would  have been great having him in the Democratic primary, even better in the Republican primary.  

Actually I think Mt Rushmore should be detonated.  It literally belonged to native Americans when it was sculpted. The Black Hills should be returned to what it once was when the treaty was passed by Congress.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

"Come and See," anti war film from CCCP (Soviet Union) 1985

This is supposedly the scariest movie ever made, and it is based on fact, not fiction.

The film details a young boy's experience in Belarus during "Operation Barbarossa," the German invasion of Russia.

The Criterion Channel has it.  Criterion is $9.99 monthly.  They have great films, including Ingmar Bergman films.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Testament of Youth

How could I have missed this movie?!!!  Just saw it on Starz and it appeared to be the usual WWI movie, boy goes off to war, sweetheart makes do at home. But derailed.  It became very intense.  The acting is incredible. Sadness permeates the film.  It is really a testament to peace.

I just ordered the book, first published in 1933.  Ironic, Since another war was just developing in Europe.  Maybe that is why Vera Brittain wrote it.  I just ordered a recent copy from Amazon, about $15 paperback.  First Edition will run you $800 + .  Might be worth it.

The cinematography was perfect. Beautiful scenes. I ordered the book, a must read.  I also noticed that Vera Brittain authored another book, about Britain from 1939-1941.  Here are some scenes.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

John Prine is going to heaven! We will miss you forever.

Bye John  You raised consciousness for more people than you can imagine.  And when I think of you and feel blue, I will play this video