Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sen. Jane Orie of Pennsylvania - soon to be convict

This is Jane Orie, a state senator from PA.  Her sister is an elected judge.  Jane used state funds to employ her relatives (not a crime, its common) but not only did they not do the work they were hired to do but they engaged in campaign re election work.  She is on trial, calls the trial a vendetta against her family, the prosecutor is also elected and has had a family in PA politics.  At her trial Jane's attorney introduced evidence, clearly doctored, and the judge declared a mistrial.  It wasn't looking good for Jane, former staff members testifying against her to avoid prosecution themselves, and so she and her lawyer attempted to fool the judge with forged evidence.  The forgery was pathetic, easily recognized and the judge declared a mistrial.  Now she is facing another trial, with additional charges, but she can keep her lawyer the judge ruled (the lawyer is being investigated as well).  She is going to jail, for sure.  She has changed her hair style, from the Snooki puff to straight hair, i can't find a current photo to post, but she doesn't look so scary anymore.  But she is going to jail for sure.  Her sister probably won't get re elected.  the Orie family is out of politics.  Jane is the author of a bill that will regulate abortion clinics according to laws for health care clinics, which might mean some clinics will close due to increased costs, staffing.  Jane says its to prevent sleazy abortion clinics like the one operating in Philadelphia, but her hidden agenda is anti abortion.  Our right wing Governor Tom "frackin' Tom" Corbett will sign it into law.

Creepy abortion docs, or champions of privacy-abortion rights?

this is really bizarre:  two OB GYN's from other states are performing late term abortions in Maryland.  Is this some kind of abortion rights- right to privacy issue for the doc's, or just a way of making money?  Cant they make enough money without conducting late term abortions?  Is this ideological for them?  Or are they just really creepy doctors?  This just gives the anti abortion nuts a case to make for banning all late term abortions, that abortion doctors are creepy, that abortion clinics need to be regulated more.  In Pennsylvania, a state senator (who is currently on trial for fraud, producing false documents at her earlier trial - that's another story - she is definitely going to jail) introduced a bill to regulate abortion clinics as any other health care clinic, which would require abortion clinics to greatly expand their services, equipment, staff and so forth, ostensibly to prevent nightmare abortion clinics like the one in Philadelphia, but the hidden agenda is to close down as many abortion clinics as possible (the state senator soon to be convict is roman catholic).   

 Authorities say two out-of-state doctors who traveled to Maryland to perform late-term abortions have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder, an unusual use of a law that allows for murder charges in the death of a viable fetus.
Dr. Steven Brigham, of Voorhees, N.J., was taken into custody Wednesday night and is being held in the Camden County jail, according to police in Elkton, Md. Authorities also arrested Dr.Nicola Riley in Salt Lake City and she is in jail in Utah. Each is awaiting an extradition hearing.
A grand jury indicted the two doctors after a 16-month investigation, police said.
The investigation began in August 2010 after what authorities say was a botched procedure at Brigham's clinic in Elkton, located near the border of Maryland and Delaware.
An 18-year-old woman who was 21 weeks pregnant suffered a ruptured uterus and an injured bowel, according to documents filed in a previous investigation by medical regulators. Rather than call 911, Riley drove her to a nearby hospital, where both she and Brigham were uncooperative and Brigham refused to give his name, documents show.
A search of the clinic after the botched abortion revealed a freezer containing 35 late-term fetuses, including one believed to have been aborted at 36 weeks, the documents show.
Brigham, 55, is charged with five counts of first-degree murder, five counts of second-degree murder and one count of conspiracy. Riley, 46, faces one count each of first- and second-degree murder and one conspiracy count.
The botched 2010 abortion led regulators to order Brigham to stop practicing medicine in Maryland without a license, and Riley's Maryland license was suspended. Brigham's New Jersey license was also suspended, leaving him without a valid license in any state, and New Jersey authorities are pursuing revocation of his license there. New Jersey authorities have cooperated with the Maryland criminal probe, said Thomas R. Calcagni, director of the State Division of Consumer Affairs.
According to regulators, Brigham would begin abortions in New Jersey and have his patients drive themselves to Maryland to complete the procedures, taking advantage of Maryland's more permissive laws. Brigham was not authorized to perform abortions in New Jersey after the first trimester, and regulators called his actions manipulative and deceptive.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tips for Single Women - good advice

I agree with the advice this photo essay gives, except the one about wearing brassiere - if you need to wear one, don't, its not necessary, and your boyfriend will appreciate it.....

Priests fight in Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

Armenian priests fight over who sweeps what in the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  And it was the Palestinian police who had to break up the fight - there is lots of irony here....

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fat ass big tummy fat face dumb shit congressman Sensenbrenner criticizes the First Lady's physique

Look at Mrs. Obama, the First Lady, then look at the picture of this big belly fat ass congressman, and evaluate what he has to say.  You know how men get a big abdomen like that?  eating like an idiot, and drinking lots of booze.  I bet he has sleep apnea, no woman dares sleep in the same room with him because he snores like a rhinoceros.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

terminating the US Postal Service

this should be good:  the postal service is going to be cut drastically next year, they are just waiting for xmas delivery to be over.  What does this mean?  no saturday delivery, so what.  Most importantly, all those small post offices in obscure rural towns will be closed.  the USPS is classic government, even though it is a corporation ( a gov corporation, like the TVA).  It has to accomplish a congressional mandate, to deliver mail everywhere, regardless of cost.  Rural american enjoys a post office in every small town, regardless of need or cost. they will be the first to go.  Post offices in NYC will not be closed; however, the post office in Perkins, OK ( i used to rent a small ranch house there) will be closed. the irony, is that those most affected by the USPS closures will be rural residents, those who support conservative republican efforts to cut government and the USPS.  the USPS has been subsidizing small town America for eons, and now this is over.  Our government subsidizes farms, small town post offices, and rural residential mortgages - without the US government, those anti government rural, fringe cult christian communities would have become ghost towns decades ago.  Does this mean an new exodus to the cities?  Will rural America become decimated?  Will Congress be reapportioned, and become more urban and Democratic?  Will the republicans self destruct by eliminating the USPS?  What a zoo.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SRU graduate, political leader of Nigeria, Mr. Olisa A. Ozoewulu

I've been trying to get someone to publish this book review for one year, the damn local papers won't do it, even though it is about a very courageous SRU graduate who started a reform political party in Nigeria.  The Butler Eagle, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, even the ROCK Pride magazine all declined.  I have now sent it to the Rock student newspaper and to Allied News out of Grove City.  This guy really accomplished alot - and SRU cant seem to give him credit.  WTF???  Olisa is the guy in the middle holding the big book.

Book Review, by Mark Daniels, Professor of Political Science at Slippery Rock University.

The Sad Event: The Struggle for the Abuja Municipal Area Council, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria…a positive learning experience, by Olisa A. Ozoewulu, Gold Press Limited, Ibadan Nigeria 2009  (978-978-088-277-8). (“Finalist: Current Events Political/Social, International Book Awards” competition, sponsored by JPX Media, Los Angeles, California, USA.)
            Olisa A. Uzoewulu is an alumnus of Slippery Rock University, a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and author of a book discussing his experiences founding and organizing a political party in his country’s struggling democracy.  Despite observing graft, corruption and fraud in Nigerian politics, Olisa has continued to see politics as a higher calling to public service that can provide for the common good and also lead to inner satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment.  His experiences and observations of democracy in a third world developing nation reflect many characteristics of mature democracies, like the United States, and provide lessons for idealistic participants in emerging democratic governments.
            Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic composed of 36 states and the federal capital territory of Abuja.   In 1997 Olisa decided to run for an elected position as Chairman of the Municipal Area Council of Abuja as a member of the Democratic Party of Nigeria.  Nigeria’s three main ethnic groups are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba.  As a native Igbo, Olisa organized to secure the support of his fellow Ibgo voters, but also reached out to other ethnic groups for support.  Winning the election would not mean just getting the most votes, but also receiving at least one third of the votes in two thirds of the wards in the council district which would show widespread support for the winning candidate among different ethnic groups throughout the district.  The results of the election were inconclusive: The candidate with the most votes failed to meet all the requirements for an electoral victory.  Olisa received the second highest number of votes, and under the rules of the National Electoral Commission of Nigeria a run-off election was required.
            Olisa and his supporters petitioned for a run-off election, but the party of the leading candidate proposed a negotiated settlement.  The idea of an extra-constitutional settlement of an election is not unusual with emerging democratic governments, or with mature democratic governments either.  Recent elections in Afghanistan and Iraq have been followed by negotiations among leading parties for governments that are more representative of the diverse populations of their nations.  Even the United States has had negotiated settlements of contested elections, for example, the 1876 Presidential election.  In this case, however, Olisa’s party insisted on a run-off election.  Despite the rules of the Electoral Commission, the Minister of Abuja refused to conduct a run-off election and instead installed Olisa’s opponent into office.  Olisa took his case to the local tribunal court, and the court judged that the office should be vacated pending a run-off election:  the government ignored the court decision, there was no run-off election, and Olisa’s opponent continued to hold the position of Chairman in defiance of the local tribunal court’s decision.  Olisa’s response was to start a new political party that would compete for power on a national basis: the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) also referred to as the “Wulus” party.  
            Eventually a run-off election was conducted, and the new Wulus party participated along with other, well established parties.  The Wulus party resulted in a realignment of many factions in the electoral district.  Olisa recounts the intrigue of secret meetings, divided loyalties, attacks and betrayal that led Olisa to withdraw his candidacy for the position of Chairman, and in his place he recruited a new slate of party candidates and continued to direct his political party in the run-off election.  One amusing anecdote is the offering of St. Remy Brandy liquor as an inducement or bribe by leaders of factions seeking alignment with the PDP, something Olisa always declined.  Nonetheless, it is amusing to note that in a picture of an Abuja Municipal Area Council campaign session, a bottle of brandy is clearly visible in the background!
            The Wulus party was successful and won the Chairmanship in the run-off election, and Olisa continued to develop the PDP to win races in other electoral districts.  Similar to party organizations in other settings, like Chicago, Olisa used the ward unit as the beginning level for party organization.  Olisa decided to conduct an issue oriented campaign with as much interaction with voters as possible in order to expose voters to the public policy plans of the party and to expose candidates to the unique socio-cultural and economic conditions of the voters.  The opposing parties had greater financial resources to wage highly visible campaign tactics such as campaign trains of motorcycles, buses and cars that often drove past Olisa’s house in an effort of intimidation.  In response, the PDP engaged in charity works and donations to the poor in children’s homes, orphanages and hospitals, as well as an environmental campaign to clean up garbage in villages, markets and towns, in order to generate good coverage in the print media of their candidates.  They invited the press to cover the symbolic planting of a tree of “truth and justice.”  And similar to Democrat Rahm Emmanuel in the 2006 US House Congressional Elections, the PDP distributed funds to many candidates to achieve the maximum number of seats in area councils.  The PDP was successful in many races, but Olisa soon found that victory is often followed by disillusionment.
            As with many third world nations, and some developed nations also, politics is often the most attractive profession for those seeking money, power and fame.  Olisa observed corruption, tribalism, nepotism and the looting of public treasuries during his years in Nigerian politics, as well as many coup de tats.  He wonders if the money spent on the Nigerian military on training and weapons actually encourages the military leaders to seek political power by establishing military dictatorships.  Nigerian military leaders usually steal national resources to deposit in foreign financial institutions, and see politics as a form of patronage and employment for their family, tribe and loyal supporters.  These leaders, Olisa explains, are “idealess” leaders who see politics as a source of personal enrichment, and who only offer prayers to the common people for improvements in living conditions instead of sound planning and public policies.
            He concludes his book with suggestions for “sanitizing” and improving the quality of life for Nigerians through the reform of political parties.  He recommends that the government stop funding political parties, for this results in citizens viewing political parties as sources of employment or welfare.  He thinks political parties should search for or create funding to sustain their operational activities.  He may have overlooked the problem of self funded parties in the US that involves contributions from vested interests and the “buying” of influence from donors.  Perhaps Olisa should consider having the Nigerian government fund candidates, similar to our funding of Presidential elections, or the funding of state wide candidates for office in some selected states, such as New Hampshire.  Olisa also calls for political parties to become organs that will articulate new ideas and develop concepts that could develop the nation.  In addition, he thinks political parties should be involved in the intellectual training of members as a process of grooming future leaders. 
            Olisa concludes that his PDP “Wulus” party eventually succumbed to the entropy of the Nigerian political atmosphere and became an appendage of the government in power.  Supporters became more interested in what he describes as the “dramatis musicology” of the party slogan and motto, heard at rallies as: “PDP! PDP! PDP! Power! Power! Power!” then “ Power to the People! PDP, power to the elders, PDP,  power to the women, PDP, power to the youth PDP!”  He thinks this may only be PDP’s brand of Obama “yes I can or we can” but he seems to think these enthusiastic chants suggest a shallow message of the party that results in the attractiveness of the party for reasons other than relevant issues. But most importantly he is disillusioned by the emerging leaders who became the most corrupt.  Many of his observations are very representative of the dynamics of politics in other third world nations, but at times his experiences reflect the corruption and disaffection of politics in developed nations such as the US.
            Olisa’s faith in an eventual Nigerian government as good as its people is a reflection of his own personal religious faith.  As a Roman Catholic Christian, Olisa discusses the role that faith has played in his life, providing him with strength and vision and courage in the political arena.  One of the pictures in the book shows Olisa participating in a Muslim prayer session, and this also provides hope that there are political leaders in Nigeria that recognize the importance of religious tolerance in a country as religiously diverse as Nigeria.  Olisa concludes by expressing the hope that a nation so blessed by material and human resources as Nigeria will attain economic growth through democratic processes. The book itself is challenging to read because of its sophistication, and also because the vocabulary Olisa uses are his translations of adjectives, adverbs or noun phrases in his native language that sound awkward in English.
Slippery Rock University should be proud that it had a role, however small, in creating a Nigerian political leader who is dedicated to democratic principles and a set of high moral ethics.  Olisa A. Uzoewulu is one of SRU’s noblest alumnae.    

Monday, December 19, 2011

The best holiday gift? Oakmont's Police Chief says "Forgiveness" - fantastic!

My blogs recently have been awful, nasty and cynical.  so here is a happy one: Oakmont's police chief wrote his most recent column in the community newsletter entitled "The Best Holiday Gift? Forgiveness!"  Here is an excerpt:

As this holiday is upon us I reflect on the act of forgiveness as a special gift which can be given at this holiday law enforcement we are privy to much of the pain which our community members endure.  I hope that in this holiday season many of you will decide to lay down the bad feelings you have for others, release the burden of hate and resentment, and make a fresh start in the New Year by the simple act of forgiveness...while  forgiveness may lift a burden from someone else, its main power lies in the release of burden from the one who forgives...."

Wow. Unexpected.  I really am impressed by this message, a good one from law enforcement.  You know, police officers in Pennsylvania are actually called "peace officers" (The PA state police are called that as enacted in law by Gov. Pennypacker last century).  And i agree with Chief DiSanti, forgiveness can lead to peace, and lift a burden from a family and community.  Thanks Chief DiSanti for a wonderful holiday message, brilliant !  

Calista helps Newt to achieve patriotism

"There's no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate," said Gingrich during an interview with CBN's David Brody. He was screwing Calista because of his patriotism.  I love it.  Gingrich has also said in the past that Clinton's impeachment was not about Clinton having extra marital sex, but LYING about it.  So its ok to screw around on your spouse, as long as you don't lie about it under oath, and God will forgive you (not understand you, but forgive you).  Never since Joseph Goebbels have we had someone so good using language to manipulate truth, emotions, and passion.  He also says in interview that we are under "attack" on two fronts, one, a Godless, atheistic secularism, and second, radical Islam:  and BOTH want to destroy our civilization. The pics show Calista as a young Congressional intern (a virgin from Luther College, even though she is Roman Catholic - hey wait - if they are Catholic, then they don't practice birth control, so why no kids?  have they used abortion as birth control? someone call the Pope) and as an angry bird looking for prey. Nice face lift BTW, hopefully the sutures will hold and her face won't fall down during a press conference.  One last thing: she gave him oral sex in his car?  I mean they had to meet somewhere - supposedly during their decade plus affair they had sex in his car-limo. (this post is beginning to sound like a letter to Penthouse....) 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Southern Airways: great planes Martin 404

remember taking a Southern Airways flight from Athens GA to Atlanta, connecting flight.  It was a Martin 404, first flew 1950's, there were cards on board to show safety exits, women had bobbed hair, really dated. This was mid 1970's.  On one flight i ordered a drink, Bourbon of course (its the South), they showed me the bourbon mini bottles, one was "Rebel Yell,"  I had to order it.  So i was drinking Rebel Yell bourbon while flying on a martin 404, Southern Airways.  great moment.  Cool plane.  it used to fly over the campus of UGa, I would see it and say, "one day when i get a letter of transport, i'll be on that plane, the plane to Lisbon," an obvious quote from Casablanca, lost on most people.  But Professor John Gist got it, laughed, good guy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sloths babies documentary coming to Animal Planet next week

Documentary on sloths soon to be released on Animal Planet.  Is it legal, ethical, to own a sloth as a pet?

Mary's pregnancy test surprises to find a husband

yeah i heard some carpenter named joseph is looking for a wife.  I mean, he's got a job, from a good lineage, doesn't ask too many questions.  He's gotta go to Bethlehem in a few months though....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ron Paul is the professor of republicans

Ron Paul at Iowa debate, just Ron Paul, the guy is amazing, he is the professor of the republicans.  The only republican who makes sense.  I disagree with his position on abortion, he is not libertarian on abortion.  with the exception of abortion (I am pro choice, pro privacy) i agree with his other positions.

Ron Paul has a chance

Gingrich is gaining ground with the right wing religious republican primary voter nut cases, and this may be a diaster for the Romney campaign.  Mitt is supported by big money but they will throw their support behind the primary winner.  If Gingrich dumps Romney in Iowa (he probably will), comes in strong second in New Hampshire (if he doesnt actually tie Romney) and then wins South Carolina and Florida (he probably will) the big question will be finances for Romney. He is rich, but will he throw his own money away in a futile bid for the white house?  If Gingrich is the sole survivor, the only viable alternative will be Ron Paul and Rick Santorum - Santorum is nuts, way nuts, not to mention incredibly stupid (he actually has a law degree, that is unexplainable, other than law school must be easier then we think).  Ron Paul may be the only alternative to Gingrich, and i think Ron would be a great opponent to Obama.  It would be an ideological race, a good policy issues debate race, and 99% dissatisfied with wall street might bond with the tea party and libertarians, and it would be an exciting race.  Ron Paul might just win if this happens, if the economy doesnt improve, and Iraq and Afghanistan continue to melt down.  I just gave ron paul $50 - does that make me a libertarian?  Or just a mischievous political scientist?

there may be 500,000 "earths" in our galaxie alone: "Beam me up Scotty!"

seems like scientists now believe there is life off of earth, at least half million planets in our galaxy that could support life as we know it (or don't know it?). In the words of james Tafficant, former congressman from Ohio, "Beam me up Scotty!"  he used to say that on the floor of the House, in the Congressional Record.  He quoted Star Trek in the House of Representatives.  James is out of prison (bribery, election fraud) and looking to run for elective office, might i suggest Republican Nomination for President?  He could join the other nut cases who are running.  Actually his quote was "Beam me up, there is no intelligent life here."  BTW, he received 15% of the vote in a Congressional election in 2002, while he was in prison.  

Saudi incest - rape father sentenced to 13 yrs, 2,080 lashes

An official Saudi newspaper says a man convicted of raping his daughter has been sentenced to receive 2,080 lashes over the course of a 13-year prison term.
The court in the holy city of Mecca found the man guilty of raping his teenage daughter for seven years while under the influence of drugs.
The Okaz newspaper reported Saturday that the man will receive the lashes in stages throughout his prison sentence. The man's name was not published.
I don't normally agree with Sharia law, but this sentence seems more than fair.  My verdict? Chinese justice: take him out back and give him one bullet to the back of the head (why waste bullets?).  But I think all Saudi men who rape, especially members of the Saudi family who rape their phillipino or bangladesh maids, should also be punished.  But i guess its good once in awhile to set an example, even if the Saudi royal family continue to be exempt from the rule of law (like the entire Bush family too).  At least this time they didnt order the rape victim lashed too !  Or order her to marry her father !

Nixon was on drugs

As to drug use, the book reports that Jack Dreyfus, eccentric founder of the Dreyfus Investment Fund and a longtime Nixon pal and financial supporter, gave Nixon 1,000 capsules of Dilantin in 1968 as part of his personal promotion of the drug. Dreyfus has confirmed this, saying he did so when Nixon's "mood wasn't so good." He said he later provided Nixon with another 1,000 capsules.
Introduced in the 1930s, Dilantin is a mood-altering, anti-convulsive drug most often used to control epileptic seizures. The book cites no direct evidence that Nixon ever used the pills.

Nixon loved martinis, another drug.  He would drink a pitcher and listen to the soundtrack of Victory at Sea on a portable Hi-Fi.

He also walked through the white house, drunk, with Henry Kissinger, talking to the portraits of past Presidents, asking Andy Jackson about his own travails as President - "they mocked your wife, Andy, how did you endure it?"  Then he asked Kissinger to knee and pray for guidance, god only knows who they were praying to.

Former American CIA intelligence officer continues imprisonment

Yes, Manuel Noriega continues his imprisonment, first in Florida, then France, and now back to Panama.  His crimes?  Drug trafficing, murder, pissing off the Bush administration.  Noriega was an important part of our anti communist policies in Latin America, after all, our Canal (even though we gave it to the panamanians during the Carter Administration) couldnt fall into commie hands.  But things change, and Noriega actually thought he was an independent ruler and not owned by the US.  So we invaded, which gave Bush a chance to test new military hardware (the B1 bomber, the B2 bomber - both of which were failures during the invasion and not needed to begin with), and then faulty intelligence led to the deaths of an entire SEAL team (they were supposed to kidnap Noriega at an airport but walked into a heavily armed camp and were basically ambushed by poor intelligence - they fought bravely but were decimated) and once the invasion looked bad, Noriega became an even worse bad guy.  When we buy a foreign leader, they are supposed to stay bought.  One of his charges was rape - imagine, the US Congress charging someone with rape, with all the sex going on in Congress they actually fantasize about a rape in Panama - and Noriega killed 11 officers to tried to stage a coup (probably with CIA backing, our former CIA agent was killing our latest CIA agents).  So our man in Panama became a pariah, and as a signal to other leaders of central america we bought off, we imprisoned him and now he heads back to Panama for another prison sentence.  We backed some really evil people during the cold war, were responsible for deaths and misery around the world to protect our "freedoms," and i think Noriega is long overdue for a US Government pension and a Section 8 apartment in Miami.  Aren't we providing million $ pensions to the Bush presidents now that they are out of power?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

American Spring?

Now we are hearing about the Russian spring, compared to the Arab spring, where russians are protesting the election of Putin.  What a surprise, Putin won:  his party controlled the election, kinda like Bush's win in Ohio and Florida in 2000, and his win in Ohio in 2004.  So its compared with the Arab uprising in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and I guess Yemen (although we support the Saudi troops fighting in Yemen against those for democracy, I think they are for democracy....).  But i havent heard the US press mentioning the American Spring - demonstrations against the 1% of the Americans who control the economy and the country.  Is this OUR Arab spring?  Could it be that democracy movements across the world are finally coming to the US?  But we only perceive democracy movements in foreign countries, like Russia, or Libya - are we really democratic here?  The people who contol the US, arent they the ones who supported Putin?  Who were working with a reformed Ghaddafi?  

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Iran doesnt have NUKES but it does have a super hi tech spy plane....

CIA says it had a remote plane malfunction while flying over Afghanistan, originally they said it crashed.  Then Iran shows picture and CIA says its a fake.  Now Iran shows a video, and CIA admits its their plane.  Obviously, CIA has planes like this in Afghanistan to fly over Pakistan and Iran, not Afghanistan.  Imagine the billions we spent on this tech, just to give it to the iranians,  they say they downed it with electronic jamming, landed it themselves.  Kinda like a radio controlled toy plane, only this is hi tech stuff it would take Iran billions to develop themselves.  more tax money pissed away........

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Top Gun: gayest movie ever says Quentin Tarentino

according to quentin tarentino, Top Gun is the gayest movie ever. Swordfight !!!!!!

after thinking about this, he might be right.  i mean, the whole volley ball on the beach scene, the shower scene, the "you can be my wingman" (ride my tail) at the end.  Whoa!  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

crucifixtion at 2:30, every 30 min! The Holy Land Experience!

what a vacation getaway! You can buy stuff at the gift store, get baptised, see jesus get whipped and nailed to a cross, even see the resurrection, and get discounts and group sales prices too!  And its next to Disneyworld !  The whole thing is creepy, esp the part of emphasizing judaism - the Temple, Jerusalem, the ten commandment (mitvahs) and the roman soldiers and centurians (I dont get the whole sword fight between the roman soldier and centurians, arent they on the same side?)  You can get your picture taken with jesus, or pose with a jesus riding a Harley cycle.  Can i get his autograph?  "To mark, best wishes, JC"  There are similar places like this, in the Ozarks for example, but not on this scale.  Where do all the profits go? To Pat Robertson's diamond mines in Cote d'Ivorie?  You know Pat Robertson tried investing in blood diamonds a couple decades ago.......he had child militia's working for him....funded with??? contributions? Profits from bizarre theme parks like this one?  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Melancholia: great movie, very Bergman, very Swedish

Director Lars von Trier is the new Ingmar Bergman, his film Melancholia is about the human condition and our only salvation:  caring about and loving one another.  I think the Buddhists call this "loving kindness."  The film is in two parts, first a wedding where all the human dysfunction is played out, and the second part that shows how the family is reacting to the imminent galactic disaster of the planet Melancholia crashing into earth.  This is described as a sci fiction movie, but its really an updated Ingmar Bergman type Swedish film, and reminds me of "Cries and Whispers."  The cinematography is fantastic, with hand held cameras, beautiful settings, this film is really a work of great art.  Kirsten Dunst has come a long way from her cheerleading movies, she received best actress award at Cannes film festival for her performance, and she deserved it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Republicans try new publicity tactic

John Boehner (Rep. R-OH):: Obstructionist Republican ClownMichele Bachmann (Rep. R-MN):: Obstructionist Republican ClownYou have heard of Clown Ministry, where church members dress up as clowns and spread the news of salvation and love to nursing homes and so forth - well, the republicans now have Clown Conservatism, trying to put some joy and fun into their bleak, morally tight assed messages.  Here is John Boehner and Michelle Bachman in their new clown makeup.  I dont think this works:  its freaky, it scares me, they look like zombies, wait.....they actually look better with this makeup on......

sleep apnea: lose weight

for those obese men who have sleep apnea, and have to go to a physician for referral, then to a sleep clinic for testing, then wear a device at night I have advice:  LOSE WEIGHT.  You know who you are.  Stop eating a nutritionally poor, high calorie diet, including alcohol, exercise (and i mean really work out none of this 30 min three times a week crap) alot, and slim down.  It will take months, and i mean months, to lose a significant amount of weight, but you can do it, and you dont have to go through all sorts of tests, wear devices, and sleep down the hall from others because of apnea.  this isnt rocket science (or rock science, as paris hilton says....)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ed wood script made into film staring Chritina Ricci

I have got to see this,"I woke up Early the Day I Died," (1998)  includes Kathy wood (his wife) and Vampira in walk on roles.  What is funny is that his screenplays, and novels, survive his death.  He is know for writing, producing and directing the worst movie of all time, Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Johnny Deep did a movie about wood called, "Ed Wood," which was a fantastic movie.

anyway another Ed wood novel recently made it to the big screen, "Devil Girls" in 1999.

Ed wood was an alcoholic and evicted drunk just before he died, and he wrote under a pseudonym "Akdov Telmig"  which translates with minor effort into "Vodka Gimlet."  great name. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

i support the protest, but this encampment looks kinda sketchy

Syria Human Rights Watch Report "We live As In War" - Intervention by Arab states needed

This is a picture of Aleppo, second largest city in Syria, a beautiful country with great people, remarkable history, a great vacation destination for those into history, esp Roman history.  here is another picture of Syria
At what point will there be intervention?  Arab league states need to give Assad an ultimatum - reform or get out.  looks like removing Assad is the only alternative at this point.  The message should be sent to Assad's generals, get rid of Assad and maybe you generals can keep your jobs.  But here is the latest report from Human Rights Watch, 12 page report on war crimes, abuses against Syrians by their government.

Maybe Human Rights Watch should also watch the demonstrations in the US against Wall street, and monitor police brutality against US citizens.  James Madison (and John Locke earlier ) warned against rebellion of governments against their people - they didnt believe people could rebel against government, because government rests on the consent of the governed, so when people "rebel," and the government cracks down, its really the government that is in rebellion.  (I know my political theory, dammit!)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

George Carlin's opinion of Rush Limbaugh - not to be missed, Classic !

George Carlin's opinion of Rush Limbaugh, not to be missed ! Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but other times........

Nuclear Armaggeddon assembles around Iran: middle east will soon be destroyed by the US and then no one gets the oil

Here is a news report from the net, so "it must be true," but i really think it is true: "Iranian naval forces have detected a US nuclear submarine in the Persian Gulf Waters, amid growing concerns over the safety of one of the most important energy routes in the world.  An Iranian patrol spotted the nuclear armed and powered submarine in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, which allows the passage of 90 percent of the oil produced by Persian Gulf states to Asia, the US and Western Europe.  There are currently 48 logistic and 18 combat US vessels in the Persian Gulf waters."

But I also read that Israel is having disaster drills simulating an air attack, suggesting that Israel is serious about striking Iran's nuclear plants and anticipating a retaliatory strike by Iran.  Supposedly, Iran doesnt have nuclear bombs yet, but Israel does.  What will US do if Israel strikes Iran?

First, Israel wont strike Iran without the US's approval.  I mean, we sell Israel most of its weapons, we give Israel more money for its welfare state than we do any other country, so damn right they better tell us.  Besides, it will be coordinated by US intelligence, and backed up by the 48 war ships we already have in the Gulf.

Second, If Iran attempts to respond, the US will unleash all hell on Iran - we dropped nukes on Japan, and we will do it to Iran if there is an attempt to destroy Israel.

Third, ........what happens after that?  Israel strikes Iran with the help of the US, the US attacks Iran because it tries to retaliate against Israel, and then what?   An even more radical regime takes power in Iran, the Shia take control of Iraq, Saudi Arabia becomes even more paranoid (dictatorships and paranoia go hand in hand, for example, the US under Richard Nixon),  and we are left with a middle east that is a mess.  

All this because we want oil.  

And because we wanted an Israel homeland, but not in Europe  (lets put it in the British Empire occupied Palestine, where only arab peasants live, and what really could they do about it if they dont like it?  great thinking Churchill ....)  As a great grandson of a Jew from Alsace Lorraine,  I think a jewish homeland away from the fascists in Europe is a great idea, but someone forgot about the arab homeland that was there before.

We need: green technology, less reliance on oil;  coal instead of oil until we fully develop green technology (which exists BTW, it just needs to be marketed by our gov and implemented over the objections of the oil companies and the f'in politicians); and we need diplomatic relations with Iran, a key to eventual peace with Israel (assuming there are any self serving politicians in Israel anymore who actually wants peace).

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Kim - call me, i am single and need money and i can put up with you for 72 days

i wanted to show a picture of Kim's unattractive body, and some pictures were so horrible i was afraid some of you might get sick, so this is a good picture, showing her incongruous hips and ass.  in my nursing assessment studies, we learned to watch out for anything with a lack of symmetry, so i guess that means Kim Kardashian would be a good assessment case for students in the emergency room next time her personality gets stuck up her rectum

goodness ! that was cruel.  But supposedly Kim made $18 million off her wedding, and that doesnt include DVD sales of the wedding night porn video she must have made.  I want Kim to know, I am available for marriage:  I will put up with her, appear on her dumb reality show, go through with the whole thing, put up with her hideous face and ass for 72 days, and even have sex with her on our wedding night (just once - so she can videotape it for direct marketing $19.95 a copy plus S&H).  But i would want 1/3 of the proceeds ( I am not greedy) - that would be about $6 million gross, about $3.5 million after taxes.

This is a good deal Kim - after 72 days I would take the divorce with style and grace, agree not to write a tell all book, just as long as i got the cash you promised.  thats it.  Email me Kim, this offer will be good only so long - i have already contacted Paris Hilton with a similar offer.

Presidential race 2012 should be close? I dont think so.....

Obviously the Presidential race is heating up and candidates are seriously positioning themselves for the upcoming primaries - even sarah palin got a face life, so to speak, getting those nursing boobs photogenic - does this mean she plans to enter the race now?  So will the race be close?  the alleged news sources all say it will be a close, and negative race.  I agree about the negative part - already the racism is in full gear (google Presidential race 2012 images) and all the republicans are going far right with fear and nutty accusations.  So Obama will be the voice of reason, he will remain calm, unemployment will be lower, the stock market will be higher (esp when it is clear Obama will cruise to another term) the troops will be home from Iraq, the dems will have a convention love fest of unity, while the republicans will host the tea party nuts, allow crazy people to speak (remember GHWB #41's renomination convention, and the nut cases they allowed to speak?  It was like the a bunch of snake handling southern white trash preachers taking over the party).  So i anticipate an easy re election.  the real question is what will happen to the republican party after 2012 - it will have to reinvent itself, since the radical religious right will have made the republican party unelectable on the national level (although they will continue to win senate and house races).

so have you read this analysis anywhere? of course not.  that would mean these republican candidates are losers, there is no point in watching their train wreck, that would mean less to cover (esp since Kim Kardashian's wedding is over) so they have to create interest in the election by selling the american people a bunch of bullshit stories, backed up by paid political operatives who also have a hidden agenda (act as consultants to these losers to make money off them).

Monday, October 31, 2011

Birth Tourism (Anchor babies): Facts not fiction, there is no issue here......

Less than 2% of births in Arizona were to non resident mothers, most right over the border. that is the issue of birth tourism, about 1500 babies.  but the US Congress is actually considering clarifying the 14th amendment to prevent "birth tourism babies" to be citizens.  Which is probably unconstitutional anyway.  There are moms who come from China, and Turkery (the two most popular destinations) to give birth: they are usually 5 months pregnant or so, not showing much (INS may prevent pregnant women from entering country) and they pay up front about $50,000 to stay at a birth center and have their baby (doctor included).  then they fly home with their baby.  the objective, is to have a baby who is a US citizen, so the baby can come and go to the US someday at will.  The objective is not necessarily for the mom to somehow stay here.  Basically, they purchase US citizenship for their baby, and then take the baby back home.  Given the crappy US economy, i'd say this is a great product we can sell, at about $50,000 a pop.  The idea of Mexican moms, wading across the Rio Grande, with their 8 month old belly swelling, murmuring over and over in the hot Sonora desert, "must get to Tucson, have baby, get on welfare, get free college tuition......" isnt true.  Mostly, its affluent women who pay a lot of cash to have their baby here, and then leave. 
But yeah, some women do cross over the Arizona border, have their baby, in order to have a better life.  Wait.....isnt that what my ancestors did?  Immigrate to chicago to have kids and a better life?  What is so Un american about that?  
And dont forget, if an illegal alien gives birth in US, she wants to report it, so the baby has a birth certificate that proves the baby was born in US and therefore a citizen.  so if thats true, where are all these so called anchor babies?  Answer: anchor babies are so small a % of births, its silly to even consider it an issue.  
Birth tourism is real, but there is little proof the practice is widespread, even in border states such as Arizona, where last year less than 2 percent of babies were born to non-resident mothers.
In 2008, slightly more than 7,400 children were born in the U.S. to non-citizens who said they lived outside the country, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. The figure was the most recent available. The number includes children born to women studying at U.S. universities, international visitors as well as so-called birth tourists.
It does not include a much larger number of children born to undocumented parents residing in the U.S., which supporters of limiting birthright citizenship also point to as a problem. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that 350,000 children with at least one undocumented parent residing in the U.S. were born in the U.S. in 2009. That is about 8 percent of all births that year.
By comparison, birth tourism is a much smaller issue.
Although up nearly 50 percent since 2000, the 7,462 children are still just a tiny fraction of the 4,255,156 babies born in the U.S. that year.
"I feel a little like they are chasing the Loch Ness monster," said Angela Maria Kelley, vice president for immigration policy and advocacy at the Center for American Progress, a liberal-leaning research group in Washington, D.C.
Statistics murky
Arizona does not keep statistics on births to non-U.S. residents, but in 2010, 1,534 children were born to mothers who did not live in Arizona. That is less than 2 percent of the 88,100 total births at all hospitals in Arizona. The number includes children born to women who were residents of other states, such as California and New Mexico, as well as children born to mothers who are from Mexico or other countries.
Most of the births to non-state residents occur at hospitals close to the border, which some suggest is evidence of birth tourists.
And nearly half of all the non-resident births occurred at three hospitals: Yuma Regional Medical Center, with 283; Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital in Nogales, with 277; and the Tucson Medical Center, with 188.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Python killed in Florida everglades - why?

Image: Burmese pythonso a python ate a deer and then had to be killed?  whats wrong with this story? first of all, the deer was dead, the python was just cleaning up the everglades.  second, its what pythons do. third, this is the middle of nowhere, people are not here on foot, they are safe from the python, unless they fall out of the swamp boat, drown, die, and the python eats their corpse.  Last, how did the python get there? someone dumped their pet?  It obviously was there a long time, since it was 18 feet long - obviously thriving, minding its own business.  the story said, they didnt want pythons to move further north....what?  you mean there are more pythons?  My impression is that there was just this one, and it takes two pythons to mate, unless you are Tia Tequila (who is that anyway?)  So a solitary python, who cant reproduce, who has lived in the swamp long enough to grow to 18 feet, eats a dead deer, and has to be shotgunned to death?  Why?  who will eat the dead stuff now?  Bubba and his friend?  WAIT !  I figured it out!  the python was competing with Bubba for dead deer meat - it had to be killed !  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"He carried yellow flowers...." brilliant Herman Cain campaign ad.

Billiant Herman Cain campaign ad - too long, but brilliant.  He has to connect to ordinary people, at least, those who consider themselves "ordinary" during focus group discussions.  This commercial is very well thought out - dramatic, plays on lots of prejudices (not race, i mean phony politicians, scripted messages, empty slogans). of course this is also very well scripted and phony, but it still works.  Truly a great political commercial, not the "daisy girl," but damn good.  Here's another cain commercial, the "smoking" one.

and here is John stewart parody.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mitt Momney's underwear: 'nuff said !

Mormon UnderwearI prefer Lindsey Lohan's underwer to Mitt's ....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

post war LIbya: freedom or more exploitation? Condi Rice's biography on Freedom?

here is a story about european and United Arab Emirates (european arabs) plans for post war Libya.  Don't forget, Italy and Britain stole billions $ from Libya before Ghaddafi did, in fact, Moamar was the last in a long line of thieves.  At least Moamar nationalized the oil companies and kicked the colonialists out - turns out he wasn't much better as far as stealing from the Libyan people.  But Libya is a tribal area, even more unstable than Iraq, so we shall see what democracy brings forth there.  Of course, the plans are not for a democracy: ex Ghaddafi loyalists who flipped sides will be running the police and government services in the short term, in fact, the UAE has plans for that to happen long term.  Libya has no experience with democracy:  remember, just because you have elections, doesn't mean there is democracy (just look at the US in 2000!)

Condi Rick just came out with her Mea Culpa biography of the Bush years:  guess what?  Condi is responsible for the Arab spring, she says democracy after dictatorship can bring out anger, so lets move on after the violence of Iraq and Libya.  Does she really think there is any democracy brewing in Iraq or Libya?  She didn't mention our ally Saudi Arabia, or the UAE dictatorship, or Yemen dictatorship supported by the Saudi's (and the USA).

And Newsweek gives her a pass:  doesn't question a damn thing in her book.  So much for investigative journalism.  Condi Rick is not smart: she is ideological, she sucks up to the right people, she acts like an expert on everything, but she is shallow when it comes to comparative politics and diplomacy.  I mean she hung out with Bush for 8 years, was his closest advisor.  And parts of her book are such bullshit, how she was afraid of a 2nd wave of terrorist attacks on 911, how she saw a plane coming in for a landing weeks later at Reagan Internatinal Airport and thought it was going to hit the White House (the US Congress passed a law making an exception for coast to coast and international flights to land at Reagan airport, so they could be closer to the bars when they got off i guess, they couldn't commute from the other airport like most of us).  so come on, condi, you feared for your life?????  give me a break.

Friday, October 14, 2011

"Will Obama Declare War on Iran because of Attempted Assassination of Saudi Ambassador??!!"

Time Magazine headline above: what idiots.  First of all, the plan was dumb, a used car salesman attempting to hire someone from the Zeta Mexican cartel for $1.5 million to kill the Saudi Ambassador...there is more money in drugs for the Zetas than killing an ambassador, and subsequently pissing off the US and resulting in a war again the Zetas.  I mean, the Zetas make billions each year running drugs to the US, why fu*k with that?  for $1.5 million?  Thats like Dr. Evil wanting $1 million dollars in ransom money.

Second, its not clear if the "government of Iran" even knew about this plot.  First, the government is fractured, with religious leaders and gov leaders not being open with each other, the Iranians dont know what is happening to their right hand and left hand.  Second, if Iran really wanted to kill the Saudi ambassador, then why not pick a an easier Ambassador?  There are easier hits on the saudi's than the us ambassador.

And why would Iran want to kill a member of the saudi royal family?  Maybe because of Saudi Arabia's role in putting down a popular rebellion in Yemen?  A Shia muslim country?  Saudi Arabia is Sunni muslim, and has provided military support to yemen to put down a popular uprising by Shiites against the minority run Sunni Yemen government.

So does this have anything to do with the US?  No.  Other than oil.  Saudi Arabia is our Oil bitch, or, the US is Saudi Arabia's oil bitch - take your pick.  So the Saudi's support repression against Shiites in Yemen, Iran counters by trying to kill a member of the Saudi royal family (who happens to be the Ambassador to the USA living in DC) and that means the USA has to declare war on Iran!!!!?????  Way to go Time Magazine!  What insightful coverage.  What ever happened to investigative journalism?

The US sees the dictatorship of the Saudi royal family as the stabilizing factor in the middle east, an assurance that the US will always have access to oil, and this means we are stuck with the Saudi's, even when they piss off millions of other Arabs who hate the Saudi royal family.  And the US will go to war over this?

I mean, Iran has oil too.  Why dont we just switch sides and become Iran's bitch?  I mean, its all about oil, isnt it?  Who cares where it comes from?

My vote: tell the middle east to go to hell.  Have the US become energy independent.  Its possible.  Every house in the US can be energy self sufficient, we have the technology now, and its not rocket science (or "rock science" as Paris Hilton says).  The problem?  Powerful, wealthy interest groups that want the energy dependence of the US on the middle east to continue, for additional windfall profits for the stock holders and politicians who are their bitches.  Like the Bushs, the Cheneys, like all members of the US Congress, and even.....yes even.....the Obama administration.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Irwin Mainway, designer of unsafe Halloween costumes !

just in time for Halloween, new costumes for the kids.

Human Centipede 2 Ban in Britain Reversed ! "English Ones" can now watch the sequel to the Human Centipede!

he Human Centipede 2 had been denied a rating but has now been rated 18 after its distributor agreed to 32 cuts.
BBFC president Sir Quentin Thomas said many would find it "difficult" to watch but that the cut film could "properly be classified at the adult level".
Two minutes and 37 seconds have been removed ahead of its DVD release.
The BBFC said the cuts "address all the concerns raised when the board refused a classification" in June.
Those concerns, it went on, included those "relating to sexual violence, graphic gore and the possibility of breach of the law relating to obscenity".
I am sure we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief to know that our friends across the pond can now watch Human Centipede 2.  Why should only north Americans have the freedom to watch such wholesome entertainment?  I thought the South Park satire on Human Centipede was great....disgusting....but funny.