Wednesday, July 19, 2006

singing during rocket attack

here is a video of singing Israelis, in a bomb shelter, during a rocket attack. The song they are singing is "Od Yavoh Shalom Aleinu" which translates as "Until peace comes upon us and everyone. Peace (in Arabic), for us and all the world, peace."

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kekexilli: "Mountain Patrol"

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Incredible movie about a group of armed volunteers in Tibet who chase down antelope poachers on the high plains, about 4 miles above sea level (20,000). They brave the weather, sandstorms, broke down vehicles, hunger, sandtraps, snow storms, the cold, altitude sickness and of course the poachers who are armed with automatic weapons. Within two years in the mid 1990's, poachers reduced the antelope herd from one million to 60,000. Their wool became valuable. Tibet is remote, so poaching was easy. Until Kekexilli came along! the cinematograhy is unbelievable. the story is unbelievable, that these men would risk their lives, for free, to save the antelope. the poachers are truly criminal, and very dangerous. There are executions in the movie. Men freezing to death. And more. A hard film to watch at times. Very intense. Here is the national geographic site. A must See!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Fireworks over Pittsburgh

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Here are fireworks celebrating the All Star Game in pittsburgh. Beautiful city! Picture says it all!

Friday, July 07, 2006

William Shatner's dramatic interpretation of Rocket Man

This is so bad its great. Captain Kirk reciting Elton John's "Rocket Man." Its way over the top. He is supposed to be an astronaut..but he is smoking a cigarette for "dramatic" effect. Really awful...funny!

Brokeback Mountain

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So I finally saw it. Incredible film. the scenery was great. the camera action was great: sweeping panoramas, and then hand held cameras for close up really emotional scenes (the camera shaking while Jack and Ennis argue). Jack was extrovert, ennis an introvert. Jack active in his gay life, ennis's only partner was Jack. Jack lying to Ennis about his other boyfriends, Ennis has a hard time talking to anyone. Ennis afraid of his gayness, afraid to have others know, opts for a life of isolation, lonlieness. Jack ends up .... well no spoilers here. What got me was the sadness in the movie. Everyone seemed sad. Jack's wife was sad - mad at him for how it ended, embarrassed by him. Jack and ennis were sad, ennis's wife was sad. What everyone was trying for was happiness. In this sense, a film with a universal theme: how many people live sad lives, searching for love and happiness? Doesnt that sum up most of the human race? Ennis' toast to his daughter at the end was great: he understood. Love and happiness. he wished his daughter well. I guess I dont see why this film was controversial, unless viewers are so clueless about human existence that they cant see through the gay relationship to the real themes of the movie.
And if you want to see Brokeback Mountain performed by bunnies in 30 seconds, click here.