Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sarah Palin, sports caster

Here is Sarah Palin announcing the sports from the 1980's - I like the big hair thing she has goin' on. And her accent. I feel strangely attracted to sarah palin - does she possess my mojo? perhaps....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vietnam Napalm girl

All you have to do is search the above title and the photo of Ms. Kim Phuc will come up on internet - she is running, naked, with burns over her back and arm. I just saw the film "Hearts and Minds" from Netflix, I saw it before at Harris theater in pittsburgh, cried through most of it, second time around it wasnt so bad. In the film Kim Phuc is shown running, and the extent of her burns, and her anguish, is extended. It took over a year for her to recover, lucky to be alive, in a burn center in an American hospital in Saigon. The photographer got her immediate help, probably saved her life. The picture, and the film of her running, is terrifying for me - I wanted to scream the first time I saw the film. As a father.....well, you have to be a parent i guess.

anyway, she is a peace activist now, living in Canada (she received asylum there). She is married, mother of two. Still has terrible scars, pain from nerve damage. But she is UN Ambassador for peace, world traveler talking about help for burn victims.

Its amazing how something so terrible can turn into something sacred.

BTW, the plane that dropped the napalm was Vietnamese. An american pilot was told to hit the village days earlier, he refused, he was familiar with the territory, said that the village was not a viable target. American pilot said maybe the Vietnamese regional chief wanted to punish village, he couldnt figure out why the village was targeted, after he refused and explained it wasnt a target. So who knows why it was bombed, maybe it was just a general fuck up. The point being, that the village wasnt a target, shouldnt have been bombed.

Sarah the Cheetah

I love Cheetahs, my favorite animal. I like them more than human beings. Anyway, Sarah is the fastest Cheetah on earth. She ran 100 meters in 6.19 seconds, which is.....ah.....99mph? there is some arithmetic here, she ran a 5 min 5 k? which is 99 mph? Is it too late for me? (10:45 pm) or is my arithmetic just wrong?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Jesus !" another baby ? !!!!

"I told Jim Bob and he couldn't keep it in, he was so excited," she says. That's what Michelle Duggar said about her husband, Jim Bob. The Duggars have 18 children, number nineteen is on the way. They name their kids with names starting with J, they have a contest now to name the 19th, a name starting with "J." I suggest, "Jesus," as in, "Jesus, you're having ANOTHER baby? !" The above quote is about Michelle telling her hubby, Jim Bob, that she was pregnant. Although it sounds like something else (funny...) They live in Arkansas. Men in Arkansas always have two names, thus "Jim Bob," or for their new baby, "Jesus Christ another baby Duggar."

Which reminds me of the old legend about Groucho Marx and his show "You bet your Life." Contestant comes one, says he has 12 children. Groucho asks why. Contestant says "because I love children." Groucho says, "Well....I love cigars, but every once in a while, I take it out of my mouth." Supposedly this never really happened, but its a Groucho legend, and a great story nonetheless.

I mean, I love Blow Pops, Jim Bob, but every once in a while I take it out of my mouth!