Friday, April 30, 2010

Virgin mary found in soup pot

Wow! this lady made some soup and the Virgin Mary appeared. And to think of all the praying i do every day, nothing f'n happens. this lady makes soup and voila! Virgin Mary appears. Ok, i am getting out my vegetarian chili pan and going at it right now, hoping for Jesus to appear when i am done. i will update you.

here is my blog about Jesus on a toaster.

Largest steer slaughtered

Yup, Cletus, the largest steer to go through auction in montana, was slaughtered. the owner (thats the one on the right) said Cletus ate 90 lbs of hay a day during winter, so he wants recoup some of his feed bill. He got less than $2000 for him. Cletus was the lead steer, meaning he led the other steers in the herd. he is looking for a new lead steer. supposedly, cletus had a good life, neutered of course, but he just ate and led the steers.

Now he is destined for the slaughter floor, the so called killing floor, where the illegals aliens work. Once they work there awhile and dont get maimed or killed, they get promoted to the the gutting line, or the kidney line, or best of all the filet line. anything but the killing floor......poor Cletus. Really doesnt make sense to raise or eat an animal that eats $90 of hay a day.