Wednesday, August 30, 2006

kinky friedman for Governor of Texas!

Here is a recent video of Kinky playing lead guitar, jamming with another group. Here is kinky's campaign web site. Kinky used to have a country - rock group, called Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew Boys. Their songs were fiercely pro Texas, pro jewish culture, against prejudice and very satirical and very funny. Some of his song titles: Get Your Biscuits In The Oven and Your Buns In Bed; They Don't Make Jews like Jesus anymore; and "Asshole from El Paso" also known as "Lasso from El Paso." Here is Kinky with Dwight Yokum discussing smoking cigars on Yokum's bus if he becomes governor...

Lyrics: They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore by Kinky Friedman

Well, a redneck nerd in a bowling shirt was a-guzzlin' lone star beer
Talking religion and-uh politics for all the world to hear.
they oughta send you back to russia, boy, or new york city one
You just want to doodle a christian girl and you killed god's only son.

I said, has it occurred to you, you nerd, that that's not very nice,
We jews believe it was santa claus that killed jesus christ.
you know, you don't look jewish,¡± he said, ¡°near as I could figger
I had you lamped for a slightly anemic, well-dressed country nigger.

No, they ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore,
They don't turn the other cheek the way they done before.
He started in to shoutin' and a-spittin' on the floor,
lord, they ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore.

He says, i ain't a racist but aristitle onassis is one greek we don't need
And them niggers, jews and sigma nus, all they ever do is breed.
And wops n micks n slopes n spics n spooks are on my list
And there's one little hebe from the heart of texas is there anyone I missed ?

Well, I hits him with everything I had right square between the eyes.
I says, i'm gonna gitcha, you son of a bitch ya, for spoutin' that pack of lies.
If there's one thing I can't abide, it's an ethnocentric racist;
Now you take back that thing you said bout aristitle onassis.

No, they ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore,
We don't turn the other cheek the way we done before.
You could hear that honky holler as he hit that hardwood floor
lord, they sho' ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore!
All right!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Outkast's "Hey Ya" performed acoustic, live

Here is an amazing take on Hey Ya, performed live by front singer of Tempe AZ group, Obadiah Parker. Gives a whole new feel to the song: sad, tragic. Not upbeat. Wow.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Japanese TV practical joke: Lunatic taxi!!!

Some Japanese TV shows are wild! Here is one that puts an actor into a cab (emergency phone call sets it up) and the driver is actually a stunt performer. They have created a stunt area where the driver does a 180 degree emergency turn, drives on two wheels through a "work" zone, crashes through gates, flys over a ramp, drives through explosions, and finally flips over. The actor in the back seat is horrified, but the TV audience is laughing hysterically! Here is the link.
And here is a previous post of a TV show who puts a girl wearing a seal costume in front of a polar bear at the zoo!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rep. Katherine Harris

Rep. Katherine Harris
Originally uploaded by recyclingfan.
Yes, its Cruela de Harris, the former Sec of State during the 2000 florida presidiential election. Responsible for stopping the hand recount of the vote, along with the republican Sup Court, she is villified by Democrats, and now also by members of her own party. Turns out, she took an illegal campaign contribution from a defense contractor, who wanted her to lobby for a gov contract for his company - this guy also brided Randy Cunningham, the congressmen who is spending the rest of his life in a federal pennitentiary. Even Gov. Bush of florida (Jeb Bush) has asked her to step down, and the republicans would get another candidate. But no, she refused. She has lent her campaign $10 million of her own money. Now it turns out she has been subpoened by the fed gov, but kept the subpeona a secret from her staff - they found out, five of them resigned. She has no campaign staff, way behind in the polls, the republicans think she may take down the whole Florida election with her campaign. She is from very wealthy family, has a MPA from Harvard, successful in real estate, so she is no dummy. But she is a ruthless politician, and I think voters are sick of ruthless politicians who get caught up in campaign payoffs and bribes. (She looks kinda hot on that horse - notice its not a stallion!)