Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Condoleezza Rice and American Exceptionalism

"The amount of poverty and suffering required for the emergence of a Rockefeller, and the amount of depravity that the accumulation of a fortune of such magnitude entails, are left out of the picture, and it is not always possible to make the people in general see this."

The above quote is from Dr. Ernesto Guevara de la Cerna.  I often am reminded of these quotes whenever i hear Mitt Romney speak.  When he tells college students to ask their parents for a loan to start a small business, when he talks about how "welfare" (he never gives his operational definition of welfare - does he mean the tax code that favors the rich?) prevents people from succeeding, from taking initiative, from pursuing the American dream of business and wealth, that's when i think of how intellectually shallow he is.

it is the American dream, right?  We are all free, can start our own business, get wealthy, hide money in off shore accounts, pay less taxes than most teachers, fire fighters and police officers (not to mention military service men and women).

and now condoleezza Rice chimes in about American Exceptionalism.  what does she mean by exceptionalism?  Its a buzz word, a code word, for American superiority of our economy, our fair capitalist system where everyone has the potential to be successful, and of our military superiority to mold the world in our own image, or at least control it for our own exploitation.

condoleeza Rice forgets that it was American exceptionalism that brought us the Iraq invasion - she advocated it. on the backs of over 3000 dead Americans, they find an excuse to invade Iraq, which George W. said in the 2004 debates had nothing to do with 911.  How did we pay for it?  One billion $ a month of debt.  China gave us the money $1 billion a month.  And the cost in human life, thousands dead American servicemen, contractors, and over 100,000 dead iraqis.  And the hatred of Iraqi men who were detained without reason and tortured.  (despite our denials of torture, i mean, look at the pictures.....)

And the ultimate result?  Iraq is aligned with Iran, and more iraqi;s are killed every day in bombings.  Saudi Arabia is not any safer (the whole Iraq war, both wars, really about the Saudi's hatred, fear of Iraq).

We are NO SAFER after the Iraq invasion.  We are NO SAFER with rebellion in syria, and neither is Israel safer.

So when Rice talks American Exceptionalism, read that as invasion of Syria, invasion of Iran, more war, more debt.  What she is really doing is trying to defend her policies under George W.  She doesn't want to go down in history as a complete moron, a foreign and international security clown.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

where have we seen Paul Ryan before? the Munsters!

i think i see a similarity.  the first pic is of Paul Ryan as a child with his favorite doll.  the second is of Paul grown up (no longer holding the doll).  there are strange Republicans out there who somehow get elected despite holding delusional viewpoints:  they run on the politics of morality, the politics of nostalgia, for a time period that never existed (the US without hispanics, or freed blacks, when people remained virgins until marriage, no abortions, and we fought wars to make people free).  Santorum is one of them.  We have another in Pennsylvania, Pat toomey, a real nut.  I think Paul ryan is Sarah Palin on testosterone.  Is the USA ready for small town Wisconsin thinking?  Paul is George W without Karl Rove.

If he gets elected VP i am moving to Nova Scotia.  seriously.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Picasso's post war peace art available through WalMart

Yes, you can buy a post WWII Pablo Picasso peace artwork through Walmart.  I am reading a book Dreaming in French  Jackie Kennedy, Susan Sontag and Angela Davis's experience in Paris during a "college abroad" experience during their young years.   Its a good insight into France post war, emerging through the 50's into the 60's, the changes of politics, economics, and even the appearance of Paris itself.  But also an insight into the lives of these three amazing young women who would have such an impact on American culture, politics, art.  Anyway, one thing mentioned is Pablo Picasso's artwork, his peace artwork, post war in Paris, how he would lend a hand designing Posters that were put up all over Paris organizing Parisian Youth for peace rallies ("never again" i guess).  So i did a google search of Picasso peace artwork WWII, and this picture came up, available through Walmart on line.

You can buy a classic Picasso print, post war peace artwork, through walmart:  already framed.  I dont know if Picasso ever met Andy Warhol (I did a quick search on google but the results were confusing, imagine a search containing both words "picasso" and "warhol.").  But this is certainly a "warhol moment" for me, finding a picasso peace print at walmart.

BTW, here is a portrait. of what someone thought Picasso would make of Warhol, if Warhol ever sat for a portrait.  

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Dan Richards - Asshole of the month

The head of California's Fish and Game commission was FIRED after killing a cougar in Idaho, as part of a free $7,000 hunting trip provided by lobbyists.  He says he followed the law: its illegal to kill cougars in California, but not in Idaho.

hey Dan, who's the "Ho?  You a Ho?  Yes you are, you are a whore of the hunting lodge that paid for your trip.  Of course, Dan paid back the lodge once it was publicized.  and he didnt break the law.

But look at the picture:  what a beautiful cat.  You are a heartless murderer Dan richards.  If you are ever out hiking in one of California's parks, where cougars live in the wild, watch out:  you have the scent of dead cougar on you.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Jenna jameson endorses Mitt Romney

Well known LDS porn star jenna jameson has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.  She really looks terrible here: anorexic, bleached, orange tan.  She says if you're rich you want a republican in the white house.  great reasoning.  doesnt she have a lot of gay friends?  I thought she preferred doing lesbian porn, in order to be faithful to her husband.  dear god.....

cheetah breaks world land speed record

11 year old Cheetah (77 in human years) runs 98 mph, but receives no Olympic medal.  cheetah ran on a special course created by national geographic.  3 times as fast as faster human.  

Chik fil A: about as gay as it gets

Ok, so here is a milk cow, artifically kept milk producing with hormones, long after her calf was born, riding cowgirl style a large floating phallic symbol.  "Eat more chikin."  the term, "eat mor chikin" i believe is from the song "Backdoor Man" by Muddy Waters.  the song is about a black man, who has to use the "back door" when seeing his girlfriend. or its about a black man having anal sex with his girl friend (the chorus is "I'm a backdoor man!!!!")  and another lyric from song is "I eat mor chikn any man ever seen"  i dont think he was referring to chicken, but to cunninlingus (Col. Lingus from SNL).  So the whole idea that a fried chicken chain, featuring waffle fries, would adopt a slogan that is about anal and oral sex, is humorous, given that the same chain is against gay marriage.

So these guys who run Chik fil a are back door men who eat more chicken any man ever seen, then close on sunday to go to church, hopefully after taking a shower after their extremely hetersexual sex.

Chik fil A success is based on expansion: first, they started in malls, low overhead. then, they went the franchise route, but only sold operator's franchises - the operator runs the restaurant, has a profit after expenses, but the corp owns it, makes decisions about marketing etc.  It only takes $5000 investment to be an operator, if you are chosen.  they expanded quickly, and kept expanding.  Can they operate successfully once their expansion stops?

They were sued in Calif for selling steam cooked chicken- supposedly, the plantiffs argued that high temperature causes the chicken to become carcinogenic (or more so), the suit was thrown out.  chik fil a can cook a chicken sandwich as fast as a hamburger, supposedly.  they are all precooked, sit there on the warmer, look awful.  they probably taste good:  fat, deep friend, spices, lots of salt, then waffle fries, more fat, more salt, then milk shake more fat and sugar and so forth.

So all those back door lovin, chikin lovin, conservative evangelical men and women who love steamed and deep fried junk food are lining up to show their support against gay marriage.    get me out of this country - societal insanity.  a bunch of lemmings running over the cliff of pure reason.

Uncle Charley's sausage business for sale

Uncle Charley's is for sale.  Uncle Charley lost his son in plane crash, tragic, and now is reluctantly running the business again (age 79).  His remaining kids dont want the business (stupid).  he says business expanded with his own profits, no debt.  Business has been good, steady sales.  Local distribution, but internet sales too.  good product.  made in Pittsburgh (Vandergrift) not china, has no sawdust in ingredients.  undercapitalized, can it expand, compete with national brands?  i think so with right financial backing.  unfortunately, a successful local company, with no debt, is a prime candidate for Bain Capital takeover:  sell the business to some national brand, move it to mexico, fire everyone, pocket the profits.

I am a vegan, but i would love to own this business. Lots of potential.  good food if you're into local sausage, food made by pittsburghers.  

We lose so many businesses here in pa:  The Clark bar - sold.  Rolling Rock beer - sold.  Iron City beer - sold.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Alan Furst new novel Mission to Paris

This is a 1938 Panhard Dynamic, featured in alan furst's latest "night soldiers" book, Mission to Paris.  Unlike other historically based novels, Furst gets his history correct, and grasps the mood of the time.  i have read, and re read, his novels many times.  Other authors attempt to write novels combining history with fiction, like Newt Gingrich or Bill O'Reilly, but they fail because of (1) poor history, history manipulated for their own purposes or (2) they have a hidden agenda, packaging history for a market that has been researched for its political values.  thus, Lincoln's assassination takes on a new meaning for O'Reilly, namely terrorism, and Gingrich's novels portray Grant et alia as moralistic southern evangelicals fighting for our traditional values (and the Yankees, as it turned otu).  anyway, Furst's latest novel is great, not as great as the others, but a pleasure to read.  I prefer Alan Furst's espionage novels to health science textbooks anyday!