Sunday, April 30, 2006

abbey road

abbey road
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The Beatles last album recorded. Remember the cover? Now you can watch abbey road on the live web cam.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Three Seasons

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Absolutely beautiful movie, never released in US, obtained dvd from internet purchase. Vietnamese film, featuring Harvey Keitel. Its almost like a Vietnamese "Crash," although I dont want to turn anyone off because of that comparison. A movie full of love and squalor. And redemption. Beautifully filmed, great acting, the sets were incredible (location sets in Ho Chi Minh city - Saigon). Very low moving film but worth the patience. Unforgetable scenes - the ending is a like a beautiful dream. Here are the words to the folk song in the movie:

Can anyone on Earth ever know
how many stalks are in a rice field?
How many bends are in a river?
How many layers are in a cloud?

Can anyone sweep leaves of a forest?
Tell wind to shake trees no more?
How many leaves must a silk worm eat
to weave a dress of colors from our past?

How much rain must fall from clouds
before ocean overflows with tears?
How many years must silver moon
age before it grows older than time?

In middle of a still quiet night
moon appears and waits nearby.
He who can steal my heart for him
I will forever sing joyful songs.

What is the cyclo guy doing to her back?

...the prostitute is cured of a fever with a folk medicine practice in which the skin is scraped with the dull edge of a spoon, a traditional healing technique called 'cau dong,' which supposedly draws out toxins."

Why is it called three seasons? During the boy's scenes, it is ALWAYS raining. And during the scenes with the cyclo driver, the topic is sometimes about the unbearable heat. The prostitute is always cool. The lotus flower blooms during spring? just guessing. Or, young begger boy, mature characters (cyclo driver, prostitute, vietnam vet), and older dying of leprosy?

Is Bush a facist?

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We already know Dick F***ing Cheney is, but what about Bush? Here is a video that tests the null hypothesis, "There is no difference between G. W. Bush's administration and a fascist administration.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Saddam our ally, our CIA agent

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Here is a video that suggests Saddam was a CIA agent, that his rise to power was supported by US, his invasion of Iran supported by US and so forth. It bends the truth, but makes an important point: Iraq had our support in the past, we supplied them with WMD, and intelligence. We travel with a rough crowd. "Real Politik" henry kissinger called it, foreign policy based on self interest and not morality.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

drunk drivers

drunk drivers
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Here is a story on our Vice President, who drinks and drives and "hunts." He was arrested twice for drunk driving. I just heard Jerry Falwell on TV: "I'd rather go hunting with dick cheney than go driving with ted kennedy." Me? I'd rather avoid drunks, esp driving or hunting.

Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer


Feb 22, 2006, 07:35

Secret Service agents guarding Vice President Dick Cheney when he shot Texas lawyer Harry Whittington on a hunting outing two weeks ago say Cheney was "clearly inebriated" at the time of the shooting.

Agents observed several members of the hunting party, including the Vice President, consuming alcohol before and during the hunting expedition, the report notes, and Cheney exhibited "visible signs" of impairment, including slurred speech and erratic actions.

According to those who have talked with the agents and others present at the outing, Cheney was drunk when he gunned down his friend and the day-and-a-half delay in allowing Texas law enforcement officials on the ranch where the shooting occurred gave all members of the hunting party time to sober up.

We talked with a number of administration officials who are privy to inside information on the Vice President's shooting "accident" and all admit Secret Service agents and others say they saw Cheney consume far more than the "one beer' he claimed he drank at lunch earlier that day.

"This was a South Texas hunt," says one White House aide. "Of course there was drinking. There's always drinking. Lots of it."

One agent at the scene has been placed on administrative leave and another requested reassignment this week. A memo reportedly written by one agent has been destroyed, sources said Wednesday afternoon.

Cheney has a long history of alcohol abuse, including two convictions of driving under the influence when he was younger. Doctors tell me that someone like Cheney, who is taking blood thinners because of his history of heart attacks, could get legally drunk now after consuming just one drink.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran

Here are a number of observations about Iran. (1) They dont have nuclear weapons. It will be years before they do, if they want. (2) they have no way of delivering nuclear weapons. they have missles, but they cant reach the USA (3) there is no reason why iran would want a war with the usa - what would be the purpose? (4) a it on Israel from Iran would be WWIII - they wont do it (5) they live in a dangerous part of the world. Iran is surrounded by nuclear powers: Russia, Pakistan, India and yeah, the USA: we have nukes on our carriers off their coast. The press in USA has gone over the top covering stories about Iran: its as if they are the new global threat to USA. They are not. The US is the worlds largest arms supplier, the largest holder of weapons of mass destruction, the biggest aggressor. The US press reports are awful. This guy Mahmoud is his own worst enemy: he needs to shave, tone down the rhetoric, wear a tie, maybe talk a bit about how Islam is a spiritual movement - I think he is playing to the radicals in his government, he gets points for demonizing the USA. Then again, US presidents always got points for demonizing Iraq (Bush, Clinton, and Bush again). What this guy needs is to hire james Carville as his political consultant: Jim would make this guy more likeable, less extreme. We need allies in middle east, not create enemies. We need to figure out what to do about the 1.5 million Palestinian refugees - how to find them a place to live, return somehow to Israel (not all of them) find them economic opportunities - in short, we need peaceful and prosperous Israel and palestine and the middle east would be a different place. I know how to make this happen: why dont those bastards in the Bush admin call me so I can solve their global problems??? (just kidding - but yeah, solutions are out there, just not on the table).

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rice: No V-E Day in Iraq

Rice: No V-E Day in Iraq
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Of course not! First of all, how many people even know what V-E day is? Was? Or V-J Day? THERE IS NO COMPARISON OF IRAQ WITH WWII. I dont know why the bush admin keeps on with this. iraq's invasion of kuwait was not like germany's invasion of poland, our invasion of Iraq was not like our entry into WWII, so why would anyone expect a V-E day? No one I know thought there would be a final day of the iraq was predicted to be a quaqmire from the beginning. You mean to tell me the Bush admin has finally figured out there is not going to be a final victory day in Iraq? They are probably the last to figure this out. Rice has given bush the worst possible advice. You know what she told bush at the beginning of his term? Dont try to negotiate peace between israeli and the palestinians, you will only fail. Find something in foreign policy that can be a success. yeah. like invading Iraq?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

New US embassy in Baghdad

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The US is building a $1 billion embassy in Baghdad, on 104 acres, in downtown area. I guess this will be known as fortress America, or the new Alamo. Of course, the republican congress approved the budget. I cant get over the sheer waste of spending by the federal government - this administration is supposedly conservative, yet they engage in unrestricted spending. The deficit is higher than ever. What does this tell iraqis? That the REAL government is not iraqi, but American? This is the largest and most fortified US embassy in the world. It has its own electricity and water/sewage system - the whole Iraq country could stop functioning, and our new embassy wouldnt sense it. Those working at the embassy (60% of employees will be security) never have to leave: it is self contained. I cant imagine any Iraqi's being employed there. We are no different that the British empire, when they ran India and the middle east. Of course, there are private companies building the embassy: you guessed it, the embassy is under contract to a Kuwait company, who subcontracts to republican cronies. Its the no bid contract system again: graft, corruption, fraud. The Bush administration is as dishonest as Nixon, and is as corrupt as Warren Harding. And, Americans have elected these people TWICE! They could have gotten rid of him in 2004, but re elected him by over 3 million votes (ok, the election in the Electoral College was closer, it came down to 130,000 votes in Ohio). Our obsession with the mafia on film and tv (sopranos) is that it reminds us of our government: organized crime run by syndicate families.

Friday, April 14, 2006


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incredible movie from south africa. Tsotsi means "thug" and the the main character is that: he was a homeless child who grew up in storm sewers outside of Soweto. He now heads a gang of marginal criminals. he carjacks a woman's car, shoots her, turns out her baby is in back seat. he decides to keep the baby. he begins a journey of self discovery. This thug eventually completes his spiritual journey at the end: he is a criminal, but becomes human. Incredible story: what is the nature of mankind? Are we loving caring creatures by nature? What turns us into thugs? Can we be redeemed? Is redemption important, even if we spend the rest (most, say 30 yrs) of our life in prison? What is the purpose of our be redeemed, to find serenity, peace? Very powerful movie. If you watch this, remember ITS ONLY A MOVIE. No one really gets knifed, beaten, the dog doesnt get kicked and has its back broken, the mother really isnt paralyzed ITS ONLY A MOVIE but reflect upon the spiritual message. Jesus! (really, jesus). Great movie. Absolutely. Hey I almost deleted my blog on Moussaoui but someone commented on it - check it out!


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The so called extra terrorist from 911 is on trial for his life. His crime? he took money from terrorist organizations and paid for flying lessons in minnesota. His flying lessons were ridiculous - his intructors couldn't understand why this guy was taking lessons in simulators - his skills were awful. He portrays himself as one of the 911 hijackers: I think he is nuts. But think...these guys "seem" nuts in the first place. Those horrible tapes from flight 93 show that the terrorists were "praying" to allah as they ritualistically killed the flight crew - how nuts is that? So you have a schizophrenic who wants to fly a plane into a building: how do you determine if this guy is a radical fundamentalist or just plain crazy? He is described as a problem inmate, who has to be subdued by force. yeah, he's nuts. His testimony is nuts: he thinks Pres Bush will give him a pardon once he is convicted...? what? The only pardons bush will give out will be to his cabinet. We want to punish these bastards for 911, and we got this sorry pos to blame. I want to hold those responsible for their crimes, but to find some crazy sob to use as a scapegoat is wrong. This guy is a defense attorneys nightmare - he wants to be found guilty, tells the jury he hates americans, says he got a hard on when listening to the flight 93 tapes (really disgusting), but thinks bush will pardon him. His mother is beside herself, says he has had mental problems a long time, he disappeared, didnt know where he was, then he resurfaces in minnesota as the "extra" terrorist - what a nightmare for her. But what do you do with this guy? Convict him on immigration charges, taking money from terrorist organization, spend a few years in prison, then release him??? Thats all they have on him. This guy is as good as dead.

japan train

japan train
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East Japan Railway Co. unveiled the latest prototype of the next-generation bullet train, code-named "Fastech 360Z," to the press on Wednesday at its rolling stock laboratory center near Sendai in northern Japan.

The six-car Fastech will aim to log the world's fastest speed for wheeled trains at 360 kilometers (224 miles) per hour during a normal journey.

In comparison, France's TGV (Train Grande Vitesse) ordinarily runs at 300 kph. However, the TGV still holds the world record for wheeled trains for hitting 515 kph (320 mph).
I can't imagine how a train can go this fast. I understand velocity and atmostphere (airplanes) but velocity while still attached somehow to earth is beyond my grasp. What is the psi of a train going through the atmosphere that fast? It goes over my is the story:
"The Fastech can run safely at more than 400 kilometers per hour but we do not have plans to test in the 500-kilometer range," company spokesman Makoto Yasuhara said.

"We will start test runs at the weekend for about two years before we put it into commercial operations," he said.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Joyeux Noel

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Beautiful story of a cease fire on the western front during 1914. A scottish minister celebrates mass along with german, french and scottish soldiers. They of course were discipline (they are supposed to kill each other, not pray together). great movie, very good sets, costumes, music. great.


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Remarkable israeli movie, filmed in orthodox area of jerusalem. About a rabbi who is broke, wants to honor succah by taking strangers in (celebrates Moses and years spent in sinai, esp honor Abraham, who took in strangers, practiced piety for god's grace). Moshe and his wife (real wife, both played by theater trained actors) pray for miracle, some rich jewish businessman gives them $1,000 anonymously, they rejoice. Moshe gets a succah (steals it as it turns out) and two of his old friends come by for help. Turns out, they are criminals, in fact, Moshe used to be one. Is Moshe pious? is he sincere? Will god bless him and give him and his wife a son? The story parallels that of Abraham and Sarah (kinda), combines the secular with the ultra conservative orthodox jews in jerusalem, happy ending. Absolutely beautiful movie. The living Torah?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Congressman McKinney

Congressman McKinney
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OK, so there are 13 black female congressmen in the House of Representatives, am I right? (I might be wrong, but I can name three). So you would think that the capitol police would know each of them, right? Unless, all black women look the same...or unless cong. McKinney changes her hair style (corn rows to the wild style on left). This whole controversy is ridiculous - capitol police cant recognize one of thirteen female black representatives? How will they identify criminals from the FBI most wanted list? How will they identify Osama bin Laden? Do you really think capitol police can let every black woman with a crazy hairdo in without grabbing her? Yeah, this is racism. Know what Tom DeLay said? McKinneys "assault" on police shows the Republicans are more serious ahout national security!!! This is about terrorism!!! McKinney is Saddam's weapon of mass destruction!!! god i hate politics, but love studying it.

Deerhunter on the big screen!

bobby deniro
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Physicians for Social Responsibility hosting film series at pittsburgh filmmakers. Imagine that - an organization with a social responsibility. Can you imagine, political scientists for a social responsibility? During Vietnam war, nothing published in APSR about the war, during Iraq occupation, nothing published - no research. Political scientists are wussies. anyway, May 7th sunday evening will show Deerhunter at reqent sq theater, my favorite theater. Anyone interested in going, I have 4 seats available in my huge old japanese car. Great film. I have never seen it on the big screen. Other films to be shown listed here. Check it out. Deerhunter very pittsburgh - a must seen on the big screen. i cry at the end, every time, used to show it in pol film every semester (along with big lebowski) - incredible film. Deniro's greatest role - he wanted to film russian roulette scenes with live bullets - Cimino the director was so shocked, that he had a staff member in charge of deniro's gun, to make sure it wasnt loaded. Denero thought, that greatest scene ever, me with a loaded gun, unsure if I will blow my brains out. Deniro thinks his roles were downhill since Deerhunter. great movie - one of the all time best, along with Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Third Man, Donnie Darko, Big Lebowski, Walk on Water.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Low Cash Cowboys - music group

I just met BJ, lead guitarist for Low Cash Cowboys, on a plane from denver to chicago. Great guy. Sounds like a great band. he said they have web site, their name, but I can't connect. They dont have a contract yet, but they have played on the Tanya Tucker tv reality show, Tuckerville, on discovery channel. i cant get connected to that link either. But I will keep trying. BJ got hassled by security, dont know why - but the flight attendant gave him free drinks to make up for it. he drinks Jack Daniels, what else? His band is headquartered in nashville, but they are on the road alot. More later! I told him about the Poverty Neck Hillbillies - he hadn't heard of them. Also told him about Rex Theater in the burgh, and Club Cafe, two great places for them to play if they can get booked.

Pennsylvania turnpike

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So everyone kids me about how i like the PA turnpike. "Take I 80, go through state college, its faster." No way. I did that once driving to harrisburg, got behind a logging truck, took forever. The PA turnpike is very historic - Andrew Carnegie actually was behind it, when he wanted railroad tunnels built (to compete with horseshoe bend near Johnstown). Easier to go through a mountain, than up and around it. the PA turnpike originally used the old railroad tunnels. Anyway, here is a link you can research the turnpike - really cool old pictures here, also pictures of parts of the turnpike abandoned (very creepy). On the home page, scroll down and you will find extensive pictures - if you long for those hours spent driving on the turnpike, heck, just page through pictures on the net! I have seen all sorts of great stuff on the pike: the blues brothers car (see blog entry last summer); great crashes; road rage; great sunsets; rainbows; ever a black bear running across the pike.

Sivan Shavit - my new favorite singer

sivan shavit
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Watch the israeli movie, Walk on Water, and you will hear the most beautiful, haunting love song, "Kiss me" by Sivan Shavit. Where can you get this song? I tried for weeks and finally downloaded from Limewire (so arrest me....) Here is a link to a page that will give you samples from her album In this Blue Gray Light. The only places I can find to buy this is off in the internet, from the french sites. Sivan sings in the movie, during the amateur sets at the kibbutz, that's her singing with her husband on the synthesizer.

Chambersburg - get off turnpike and visit

It was occupied three times by Confederate Forces. In the center of town, at the diamond which is now referred to as Memorial Square, General Get off the turnpike, find US 30 and drive OVER the Tuscarora mountains. I often exit turnpike and tour beautiful eastern PA (actually considered "western" PA during James Buchanan's early life). Chambersburg is a cool old town, from the 18 th century. Robert E. Lee, after consulting with his associates, made the fateful decision to move east resulting in the Battle of Gettysburg which was the turning point of the war. Finally, on July 30, 1864, Confederate troops under General J.A. McCausland of the General Jubal Early Army burned down the center of the town when ransom was not paid for alleged outrages committed by Union Troops in the Shenandoah Valley.