Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spak Bros pizza best in burgh

Spak Bros pizza is fantastic! They have lots of veggie and vegan choices. Only place i have heard of that serves veggie sausage pizza. Sauce is sweet, crust is NY style, cheese is ..well...healthy, so it doesnt melt like unhealthy cheese. The program with pizza is the fat in the cheese, so you cant have healthy pizza without losing some of the fat. anyway this is great place here is menu and address.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

SNL and Ahmadinejad - love song

here it is, another andy samberg song this time about his love for Ahmadinejad

Tom Waits Christmas Carol

here it is, tom waits singing his yule tide favorite, Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis

Saturday, January 01, 2011

PITT has a new football coach...no wait....they dont..

So Dave Wannstedt is out, didnt win the big east championship (which is in itself no big deal) he had a decent team, but they went nowhere, much like last year. Moments of brilliance, but then horrible embarrassing losses. So the coach is staying on as asst AD, and he is coaching the final game against Kentucky in the punk ass bowl or whatever it is called. College football is big money - successful teams in BCS bowls like PITT and PennState, can make millions of dollars. it also helps recruitment (believe it or not). Wannstedt wasnt making that much. Then again, you want a great team, you better get used to getting football players first and students ah...second? Fourth? not at all? I think Coach Wannstedt should have had a great season next year, but now, some great recruits have already jumped to other colleges. and now the new coach Haywood has self destructed, arrested for felony assault - I thought he had problems with his ex girlfriend before - so now Haywood is out, before he was really in. Soooooo, no coach, PITT administrators look like idiots, the team will suffer, and Wannstedt will be around next year anyhow. My suggestion: fire the AD at PITT, make Wannstedt AD, let Wannstedt recruit new coach.