Friday, August 19, 2011

flood storm pittsburgh aug 19th 2011

Driving back to oakmont from Duquesne Univ took 2 hrs, didnt realize the city was flooded.  Forbes ave was closed, i couldn't get out of downtown, finally ended up in Bloomsfield, got caught with 40th st bridge traffic, drove BACK into city to get on Butler and ended up stuck at Route 8 by the Zoo - turns out, a flood there KILLED three people.  didnt realize this until i got home.  I was listening to internet radio, and forgot my phone.  I still cant believe that pittsburgh would flood so bad, or get hit so hard by a T storm.  god bless us all. very very tragic.  made me very humble and thankful i got home late but safe.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Doug Lamborn Jackass from colorado - dumb, racist, clueless

GOP Representative Doug Lamborn from Colorado decided to stir the racial fire in the recent debate over the debt crisis this past weekend. In his remarks about President Obama, Rep. Lamborn said that being associated with President Obama is “like touching a tar baby.”