Sunday, November 27, 2011

crucifixtion at 2:30, every 30 min! The Holy Land Experience!

what a vacation getaway! You can buy stuff at the gift store, get baptised, see jesus get whipped and nailed to a cross, even see the resurrection, and get discounts and group sales prices too!  And its next to Disneyworld !  The whole thing is creepy, esp the part of emphasizing judaism - the Temple, Jerusalem, the ten commandment (mitvahs) and the roman soldiers and centurians (I dont get the whole sword fight between the roman soldier and centurians, arent they on the same side?)  You can get your picture taken with jesus, or pose with a jesus riding a Harley cycle.  Can i get his autograph?  "To mark, best wishes, JC"  There are similar places like this, in the Ozarks for example, but not on this scale.  Where do all the profits go? To Pat Robertson's diamond mines in Cote d'Ivorie?  You know Pat Robertson tried investing in blood diamonds a couple decades ago.......he had child militia's working for him....funded with??? contributions? Profits from bizarre theme parks like this one?  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Melancholia: great movie, very Bergman, very Swedish

Director Lars von Trier is the new Ingmar Bergman, his film Melancholia is about the human condition and our only salvation:  caring about and loving one another.  I think the Buddhists call this "loving kindness."  The film is in two parts, first a wedding where all the human dysfunction is played out, and the second part that shows how the family is reacting to the imminent galactic disaster of the planet Melancholia crashing into earth.  This is described as a sci fiction movie, but its really an updated Ingmar Bergman type Swedish film, and reminds me of "Cries and Whispers."  The cinematography is fantastic, with hand held cameras, beautiful settings, this film is really a work of great art.  Kirsten Dunst has come a long way from her cheerleading movies, she received best actress award at Cannes film festival for her performance, and she deserved it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Republicans try new publicity tactic

John Boehner (Rep. R-OH):: Obstructionist Republican ClownMichele Bachmann (Rep. R-MN):: Obstructionist Republican ClownYou have heard of Clown Ministry, where church members dress up as clowns and spread the news of salvation and love to nursing homes and so forth - well, the republicans now have Clown Conservatism, trying to put some joy and fun into their bleak, morally tight assed messages.  Here is John Boehner and Michelle Bachman in their new clown makeup.  I dont think this works:  its freaky, it scares me, they look like zombies, wait.....they actually look better with this makeup on......

sleep apnea: lose weight

for those obese men who have sleep apnea, and have to go to a physician for referral, then to a sleep clinic for testing, then wear a device at night I have advice:  LOSE WEIGHT.  You know who you are.  Stop eating a nutritionally poor, high calorie diet, including alcohol, exercise (and i mean really work out none of this 30 min three times a week crap) alot, and slim down.  It will take months, and i mean months, to lose a significant amount of weight, but you can do it, and you dont have to go through all sorts of tests, wear devices, and sleep down the hall from others because of apnea.  this isnt rocket science (or rock science, as paris hilton says....)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ed wood script made into film staring Chritina Ricci

I have got to see this,"I woke up Early the Day I Died," (1998)  includes Kathy wood (his wife) and Vampira in walk on roles.  What is funny is that his screenplays, and novels, survive his death.  He is know for writing, producing and directing the worst movie of all time, Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Johnny Deep did a movie about wood called, "Ed Wood," which was a fantastic movie.

anyway another Ed wood novel recently made it to the big screen, "Devil Girls" in 1999.

Ed wood was an alcoholic and evicted drunk just before he died, and he wrote under a pseudonym "Akdov Telmig"  which translates with minor effort into "Vodka Gimlet."  great name. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

i support the protest, but this encampment looks kinda sketchy

Syria Human Rights Watch Report "We live As In War" - Intervention by Arab states needed

This is a picture of Aleppo, second largest city in Syria, a beautiful country with great people, remarkable history, a great vacation destination for those into history, esp Roman history.  here is another picture of Syria
At what point will there be intervention?  Arab league states need to give Assad an ultimatum - reform or get out.  looks like removing Assad is the only alternative at this point.  The message should be sent to Assad's generals, get rid of Assad and maybe you generals can keep your jobs.  But here is the latest report from Human Rights Watch, 12 page report on war crimes, abuses against Syrians by their government.

Maybe Human Rights Watch should also watch the demonstrations in the US against Wall street, and monitor police brutality against US citizens.  James Madison (and John Locke earlier ) warned against rebellion of governments against their people - they didnt believe people could rebel against government, because government rests on the consent of the governed, so when people "rebel," and the government cracks down, its really the government that is in rebellion.  (I know my political theory, dammit!)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

George Carlin's opinion of Rush Limbaugh - not to be missed, Classic !

George Carlin's opinion of Rush Limbaugh, not to be missed ! Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but other times........

Nuclear Armaggeddon assembles around Iran: middle east will soon be destroyed by the US and then no one gets the oil

Here is a news report from the net, so "it must be true," but i really think it is true: "Iranian naval forces have detected a US nuclear submarine in the Persian Gulf Waters, amid growing concerns over the safety of one of the most important energy routes in the world.  An Iranian patrol spotted the nuclear armed and powered submarine in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, which allows the passage of 90 percent of the oil produced by Persian Gulf states to Asia, the US and Western Europe.  There are currently 48 logistic and 18 combat US vessels in the Persian Gulf waters."

But I also read that Israel is having disaster drills simulating an air attack, suggesting that Israel is serious about striking Iran's nuclear plants and anticipating a retaliatory strike by Iran.  Supposedly, Iran doesnt have nuclear bombs yet, but Israel does.  What will US do if Israel strikes Iran?

First, Israel wont strike Iran without the US's approval.  I mean, we sell Israel most of its weapons, we give Israel more money for its welfare state than we do any other country, so damn right they better tell us.  Besides, it will be coordinated by US intelligence, and backed up by the 48 war ships we already have in the Gulf.

Second, If Iran attempts to respond, the US will unleash all hell on Iran - we dropped nukes on Japan, and we will do it to Iran if there is an attempt to destroy Israel.

Third, ........what happens after that?  Israel strikes Iran with the help of the US, the US attacks Iran because it tries to retaliate against Israel, and then what?   An even more radical regime takes power in Iran, the Shia take control of Iraq, Saudi Arabia becomes even more paranoid (dictatorships and paranoia go hand in hand, for example, the US under Richard Nixon),  and we are left with a middle east that is a mess.  

All this because we want oil.  

And because we wanted an Israel homeland, but not in Europe  (lets put it in the British Empire occupied Palestine, where only arab peasants live, and what really could they do about it if they dont like it?  great thinking Churchill ....)  As a great grandson of a Jew from Alsace Lorraine,  I think a jewish homeland away from the fascists in Europe is a great idea, but someone forgot about the arab homeland that was there before.

We need: green technology, less reliance on oil;  coal instead of oil until we fully develop green technology (which exists BTW, it just needs to be marketed by our gov and implemented over the objections of the oil companies and the f'in politicians); and we need diplomatic relations with Iran, a key to eventual peace with Israel (assuming there are any self serving politicians in Israel anymore who actually wants peace).

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Kim - call me, i am single and need money and i can put up with you for 72 days

i wanted to show a picture of Kim's unattractive body, and some pictures were so horrible i was afraid some of you might get sick, so this is a good picture, showing her incongruous hips and ass.  in my nursing assessment studies, we learned to watch out for anything with a lack of symmetry, so i guess that means Kim Kardashian would be a good assessment case for students in the emergency room next time her personality gets stuck up her rectum

goodness ! that was cruel.  But supposedly Kim made $18 million off her wedding, and that doesnt include DVD sales of the wedding night porn video she must have made.  I want Kim to know, I am available for marriage:  I will put up with her, appear on her dumb reality show, go through with the whole thing, put up with her hideous face and ass for 72 days, and even have sex with her on our wedding night (just once - so she can videotape it for direct marketing $19.95 a copy plus S&H).  But i would want 1/3 of the proceeds ( I am not greedy) - that would be about $6 million gross, about $3.5 million after taxes.

This is a good deal Kim - after 72 days I would take the divorce with style and grace, agree not to write a tell all book, just as long as i got the cash you promised.  thats it.  Email me Kim, this offer will be good only so long - i have already contacted Paris Hilton with a similar offer.

Presidential race 2012 should be close? I dont think so.....

Obviously the Presidential race is heating up and candidates are seriously positioning themselves for the upcoming primaries - even sarah palin got a face life, so to speak, getting those nursing boobs photogenic - does this mean she plans to enter the race now?  So will the race be close?  the alleged news sources all say it will be a close, and negative race.  I agree about the negative part - already the racism is in full gear (google Presidential race 2012 images) and all the republicans are going far right with fear and nutty accusations.  So Obama will be the voice of reason, he will remain calm, unemployment will be lower, the stock market will be higher (esp when it is clear Obama will cruise to another term) the troops will be home from Iraq, the dems will have a convention love fest of unity, while the republicans will host the tea party nuts, allow crazy people to speak (remember GHWB #41's renomination convention, and the nut cases they allowed to speak?  It was like the a bunch of snake handling southern white trash preachers taking over the party).  So i anticipate an easy re election.  the real question is what will happen to the republican party after 2012 - it will have to reinvent itself, since the radical religious right will have made the republican party unelectable on the national level (although they will continue to win senate and house races).

so have you read this analysis anywhere? of course not.  that would mean these republican candidates are losers, there is no point in watching their train wreck, that would mean less to cover (esp since Kim Kardashian's wedding is over) so they have to create interest in the election by selling the american people a bunch of bullshit stories, backed up by paid political operatives who also have a hidden agenda (act as consultants to these losers to make money off them).