Thursday, February 18, 2010

Memphis 3rd worst city - Forbes Magazine - U Memphis worst univ - me

Forbes magazine rated Memphis TN the third worst city in the US, get this, after Cleveland and Stockton, CA. Right behind Memphis was Detroit, at #4.

Forbes cited violence and government corruption as the two deciding factors, not to mention chronic unemployment, and segregation.

Memphis is in Tennessee, but to really understand Memphis, you have to consider it as the "Capitol City of the Third World Nation of Mississippi." Then it all makes sense.

The University of Memphis has a railroad running through the middle of campus. Ugly buildings that reminded me of Soviet architecture. And the decaying downtown section by the river (the water smells).

The Civil Rights Museum is great, as are the trolleys that run on Front Street.

The Univ atmosphere is awful, faculty treat each other like crap, scholarship poor, teaching mediocre, recruitment a revolving door.

Worst university i have ever experienced. Horrible place to live. Faculty in public affairs are trapped in an existential "no exit" and have no self awareness of their predicament or fate.

Monday, February 15, 2010

will ferrell and green day

east jesus nowhere, will plays the cowbell, a serious musician

Rahm Emanuel apology !

Rahm Emanuel apologizes for his derogatory terms. here it is.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day movie (2010)

Absolutely great film. Lots of comments on IMDB blast it, viewers say there are too many characters, shallow character development, Julia Roberts was overpaid ($3 million up front, 3% of gross - comes to $340,000 per word for 6.5 min of screen time - movie is 120+ min long), blah blah. But i could hear audience members gasp, cry, laugh - what ever happened to good movies that make people cry and laugh? No sex, no violence, no computer generated violence or dumb brain impossible computer action (Tom Cruise flying through air after explosion, his body still intact, stuff like that). I enjoyed the film greatly - the scene where ashton tells ticket agent larry miller that he has to have a ticket to talk to his girlfriend, because "when i look at her face i see......Sunshine!" great moment, it shows his true feelings for her, breaks down the harsh personality of larry miller, wins him over. lots of great scenes like that. When julia roberts finally meets her "man" (no spoilers here) i could hear people crying and cooing, i think thats great. I mean, i usually see movies about pain, suffering, injustice, - its great to see an old fashioned hollywood movie with big stars, lots of weaved plots, the movie just keeps bumping along, something for everyone - and Leonardo Dicaprio was great, he picked a great role.

IMDB has some really awful comments on their film boards - viewers sign on to be insulting, dumb, racist, homophobic, i mean its a place to discuss movies, not write like you are Goebbels or something. The only discussion board worth anything on IMDB was Donnie Darko, lots of spoilers, but they warn you. but the other boards are just so nasty and mean. (like comments on youtube).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alec Baldwin describes Dick Cheney, calls him "Lying, Thieving Oil Whore..."

Baldwin provided a searing criticism of Dick Cheney, saying that he was involved in former Governor of California Gray Davis being recalled, that Cheney had instigated the outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, and that Cheney had shot Harry Whittington. Baldwin wrote "The rumor I heard is that someone yelled, "Look out! Shooter!" and Cheney thought he said Scooter and fired in that general direction." He concluded that Cheney is a terrorist and Whittington should sue. "Cheney... terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately. Who ever thought Harry Whittington would be the answer to America's prayers?" When asked if he had gone too far, Baldwin replied that Cheney was not a terrorist, but rather just "a lying, thieving Oil Whore. Or, a murderer of the US Constitution..."

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wilhelm Reich and Woody Allen's "Orgasmetron"

plans for building your own Orgone Accumulator here. Here are some other pictures of it, and updated portable orgone blanket for two (?) I will have to read more about this.

Dr. Reich believed that there was an energy source that kept the body healthy, that orgasms released this energy, and that releasing this energy prevented or fought cancer cells. His research was not verified, however, i have found reports that some of his findings were replicated. I read a book about him decades ago, was convinced he was brilliant, but also psychotic. Then again, there may be a fine line between being truly brilliant and being psychotic. I am still working on this. I am neither brilliant nor psychotic. But I am once again interested in Dr. Reich and want to read more about him. Alot more. i will keep my followers informed (as if anyone reads this stuff i write).

woody allen included an "Orgasmetron" in his futuristic movie Sleeper. It gave people orgasms. It eliminated the need for sex between (or among) humans. of course, woody allen as the robot had to have the orgasmetron for himself, and in doing so, gave himself away (he was obviously not a robot if he was enjoying the orgasmetron).

Sunday, February 07, 2010

My new car, or Escalade Snow Plow

After the big snow storm, i decided i needed a big car or truck with a plow, so i bought this Escalade with a snow plow. Some crazy guy with a knife was driving it, said he was looking for Twinkies. What a nut. I bought it for a good price. Strange, though, it had some blood and guts on it, the guy said it he had been deerhuntin' and it got messy. anyhow, i am now ready for the next big snow.

I am not rich, the world is poor

How rich are you?

I am in the top .62% percentile. that means I am richer than 99.38% of the world.

What this shows is how POOR the world is.

1/3 of all humans do not have access to potable water, water they can drink.

48% of all humans live on less than $2 a day.

At least 1/3 of all families in my county of USA (Butler County, PA) are poor or working poor. Probably more now that we are in recession.

Dahntahn song about Pittsburgh

Dahntahn, video about the burgh. BTW, Shadyside chicks ARE NOT fat, thats mean.

BTW, a Samich at Primanni's will make a shadyside girl fat, unless its eaten in moderation.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Last Picture Show

I watched Last Picture Show on netflix view now. My favorite part, read below - makes me cry every time.

"Nothing's really been right since Sam the Lion's died."

"I get sad if I think of Sam for long."

"If it wasn't for Sam, I would have just about ruined it."

Beautiful, sad movie. Great soundtrack.
see this link for more about movie, longer script quotes.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

John Kerry eaten by sharks while windsurfing in Florida

First of all, John Kerry wind surfing probably cost him the 2004 election: John Kerry on a Harley would have been better (he is harley enthusiast, he would ask the police patrol escort if he could drive their harleys around the airport before the convoy to his hotel would start) or him huntin' deer would have been better (he is the only Presidential candidate to have actually killed an enemy soldier with a automatic rifle in combat.

anywho, a surfer in florida was killed by a shark, or by sharks. That is tragic. But he was 1500 ft off shore, windsurfing, and he is in an ocean full of predators.

Sharks are not lovable creatures, they are prehistoric eating machines, they exist to eat. When you are on the ocean, you are taking your life in your hands, you need to be careful, cautious, being on the ocean is very serious business. I think sharks are beautiful creatures, but they are eating machines, and we are their prey. So watch the f* out.

Toyotas are great cars - WTF is going on media?

Toyotas are a great car, always have been. the ones from the 1970's are classic, small, fun to drive, inexpensive, bullet proof (the old ones weren't rust proof thought). The current "brake" problem is weird: gas pedals sticking to the floor mat? Someone needs to buy a better floor mat. the ones from the factory are anchored to the floor, they dont move, dont get caught up on gas pedal. now i hear that software problems exist in ABS system: no, i dont think so. the ABS on my Yaris kicks in when the tires lose traction. Yes, there is a split second when the ABS kicks in, but it kicks in for better traction, better braking. thats how ABS works. I think Toyota has a media and perception problem, not a real mechanical problem. The cable news celebrity wanna-bes have not investigated this, they only report on the pile on of Toyota - GM would have gone broke if not for the taxpayers loans (which are in process of being paid off BTW) so lets pile on a successful non American car makes, Toyota. Jesus.

There is no brake problem, just the perception of a brake problem. Our journalists suck, I am a journalism minor, know how to write, how to investigate a story, and Katie Kuric and her ilk provide horrible news coverage, and this phoney Toyota issue is onw example.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Eddie Izzard raises donations by running his arse off

Eddie Izzard ran around Great Britain and raised 200,000 pounds for Sport Relief. he ran 1,100 miles in 51 days, or about 43 marathons in 51 days.

Good sport, Eddie. Fantastic achievement.