Saturday, March 30, 2013

happy easter young earth creationalists

Happy easter young earth creationalists.  Here is Jesus 6,000 years ago with a dinosaur at the moment of creation.  did you know dinosaurs were on the Ark?  How did they keep T Rex fed?  must have fed him lots of Ativan. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Israel says it's sorry for killing 9 activists on international waters

One way of diffusing a confrontation is by saying, "I am really very sorry that this happened."  you are not admitting guilt, just saying sorry "this" happened.  So israel is apologizing for the flotilla assault, deaths - Israel is "really very sorry this happened."  Nine people killed on international waters, nine people bringing aid to Gaza, where Israel has a blockade.  

George W. Bush, artist

When presidents step down, the big question is, what's next?  what can you do after being the CEO of the most powerful nation on earth?  Well, some ex presidents have become involved with humanitarian tasks, like Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.  Some write books to demonstrate their continued command of international affairs, like Richard Nixon (he once published a book explaining that Iran would be check against Soviet expansion for decades to come, and the very next month the Shah was overthrown - what prescience!)  But similar to Eisenhower and Winston Churchill (the man who plunged England into two world wars to defend the empire, only to lose it as a result) George W. Bush has become an artist. He likes to paint dogs.  yes, dogs.  and evidently he likes to paint himself in the bath or shower.   Some experts have said that his art is amateurish but enthusiastic.  Again, just like Paul Bremer's art, it's really bad.  the proportions are off, it's two dimensional.  I have no problem with Bush or Bremer painting, especially if it occupies their time and they can't screw up the world anymore.  but this art should be kept on their back porch, as something they enjoy as a hobby.  It's really bad art.  And he signs the paintings "43" as in the 43rd President. 

Paul Bremer, former Iraq administrator turned author and artist

You remember Paul Bremer?  the guy who administered Iraq after the invasion for one year?  He disbanded the Iraqi army and allowed them to take all their weapons home with them to be used on our troops over the next 7 years?  Well he has written a book about our veterans who have sacrificed for Iraq.  Yes, he was instrumental in creating the insurgent war against our troops by firing over 100,000 Iraqi army troops who were then unemployed and sitting at home with all the weapons they could carry away.  And now he has written a book honoring our troops who were injured (or killed) by his incompetence.

And, he has become an artist.  here are some of his pictures.  He actually has sold some of these.  The proportions are wrong, these are terrible paintings.  He markets them here: PaulBremerEnterprises.

There is a yiddish word, Chutzpah, that describes his nerve in marketing a book about the injured soldiers he helped to injure, and selling paintings that are amateur and just awful.

Chef kills wife and then cooks her - bon appetite!

the owner of the Thyme Cafe inm Lomita, near Los Angeles, has been convicted of killing and then cooking his wife.  His story:  he didn't want her driving while drunk, so he bound her with duct tape.  When he checked on her in the morning, she was dead.  He slow cooked her for 4 days, putting weights on her to tenderize the body.  Above are some pics of exterior and interior of the restaurant they co-owned.  Police investigated the disappearance of his wife, when they decided to take him in for questioning, he attempted to kill himself by throwing himself off inspiration point (pic above).  But, his girlfriend grabbed his clothes and instead of jumping off the cliff he fell and bounced his way down.  he is now a paraplegic.  He was sentenced  in this wheelchair, 25 yrs to life.  Do you think the prison will put him to work in the kitchen?