Saturday, October 28, 2017

Lt. Col. Oliver North, Nixon apologist

So here is an editorial by Ollie North about how Ken Burns gets his facts wrong about Vietnam. The editorial is essentially written from Nixon's perspective. No depth here. he even mentions the "silent majority" backing Nixon. For those of you not familiar with the silent majority, Nixon claimed he was supported by a majority of people who were patriotic but not demonstrators, so they appeared silent. Yes, the white majority of America is the silent majority. Wait, weren't they in control? yes they were. Nixon was speaking for himself and the power elite running the country. When John Kerry ran against Bush-Cheney, I remember Lynn Cheney saying something to the effect "we didn't demonstrate in the street like that." Of course not, your husband was working for the White House, with numerous exemptions from military service. I could start on a rant about how clueless our leaders are, Bush, Cheney and the ignorant Condolezza Rice, but I wouldn't know when or where to stop. Old Condolezza should be skewed in academic circles, but I have never seen a political science article critiquing her service as national security advisor or Sec of State.

trying to find a high school friend killed in Vietnam

I only know his nickname, The Batman, he loved the TV Batman series. Nice guy. upper classman. On the same CTA bus as me. Always funny, polite, nice guy. Joined army after graduation and was killed within less than a year. Not much mentioned at High School about him. Found a list of those servicemen (and women) killed in Vietnam from Chicago: 955 names! I had not idea. I could not recognize his name.