Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Israeli leaders offer peace (at least some of them, anyhow)

best peace deal israel has offered in years - good point of departure for peace talks.  I esp like the return of Golan to Syria.  this might be the best beginning of peace in a long time.  I dont think it can get better than this, given current Israeli leadership (self serving politicians) and the uncertainty of arab regimes.  this might also help Syria and Assads popularity with his own people (return of Golan, fresh apples, and peace).  not sure if Hamas will go along with this, or Hezbollah, or many of Israel's leaders, but hey, its a positive move.

I think future generations would praise current middle east leaders if this goes forth.

here is Tom Waits song, Road to Peace

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Jar City

Great film from Iceland, a murder detective movie. very dark. very existential. i get the impression that icelanders are very existential people, always waiting for that next earthquake, the next avalanche, the next volcano.