Monday, July 30, 2012

Black Bears in Pittsburgh Mills Mall

"The black guy is up to no good...."  a black bear was spotted near the pittsburgh mills mall, and one actually got inside.  Finally, that mall is attracting some business.  the bear probably wanted some cappucino from starbucks.  so now everyone is going nuts about bears, bear attacks, 'are we safe?"  the above black bear is the one that inspired Winnie the Pooh, and we all know how dangerous Winnie is.    Black bear attacks on humans are rare, usually related to food, not to humans themselves.  these are omnivorous eaters, they esp like cadavers.  dead stuff.  we have nothing to fear from black bears.  other than our gardens being eaten.  So the township is trying to trap the bears in these big bear containers - why not just leave the bear alone.  some guy photographed a black bear on his deck!  OMG!  the black guy moved into the neighborhood.  he is up to no good.  just leave the black bear alone and he or she will leave you alone.  why is this so hard?