Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ernst Udet's (Famous German Ace) portable bar

Ernst Udet was a decorated Ace in WWI, and an early member of the Nazi party (he made a deal with the devil: Hermann Goering said he would buy two Curtis Hawk's from the US if he joined). Udet loved to party hard, and would fly after a few shots of courage, so he had a cabinet maker construct a portable bar making certain the contents would be unbreakable. Udet became disillusioned with WWII and what he predicted was the destruction of the Luftwaffe. He also was taking large quantities of methamphetamine washing it down with Cognac. He became despondent and died in 1941. Here he is between the wars flying in an airshow in Chicago, showing his dead stick loop and landing.

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NTD said...

That is some incredible flying, especially in a plane from back then! Incredible how he gets it to almost float in mid air just before he lands