Sunday, May 17, 2020

Testament of Youth

How could I have missed this movie?!!!  Just saw it on Starz and it appeared to be the usual WWI movie, boy goes off to war, sweetheart makes do at home. But derailed.  It became very intense.  The acting is incredible. Sadness permeates the film.  It is really a testament to peace.

I just ordered the book, first published in 1933.  Ironic, Since another war was just developing in Europe.  Maybe that is why Vera Brittain wrote it.  I just ordered a recent copy from Amazon, about $15 paperback.  First Edition will run you $800 + .  Might be worth it.

The cinematography was perfect. Beautiful scenes. I ordered the book, a must read.  I also noticed that Vera Brittain authored another book, about Britain from 1939-1941.  Here are some scenes.

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