Wednesday, February 23, 2005

manure fire

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A manure pile 100 by 30 by 50 (150,000 cubic feet) that has been burning for a month has finally been put out. The manure pile is on a feed lot 20 miles outside of Lincoln (just another reason not to live in Nebraska). It accepts as many as 12,000 steers at a time to "fatten " them up for processing (just another reason to be a vegetarian). I can't imagine the effect that that much manure has on global warming, and this pile is not unlike the piles at other feedlots. Beef is a very inefficient source of protein, and the byproducts of feedlots is profoundly damaging. At the local grocery I often look at the meat other shoppers are buying (western PA is meat country) and I shudder - I can hear Colonel Kurtz moaning, "Oh, the humanity!" But yeah - burning manure piles at feed lots in Nebraska...that sums up my perception of that whole part of the country (my theory is that civilization ends somewhere just past western PA and doesnt begin again until you hit Seattle).

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Noah said...

Cattle is the most distructive form of food production on the planet, even sugar cane production is better! Plus there is Mad Cow disease now. I guess they said it best in Jurassic Park "Thats one big pile of s***."