Monday, October 29, 2007

Lust, Caution

Absolutely a Great Film - I can't stop thinking about it - so moving, disturbing. (you tube trailer)and site url here. Before the movie began, there was a large woman talking on her cell phone, something about, yeah I decided to see a movie, the ticket agent said this was good....and I thought, lady do you know what you are in for? Almost 3 hrs of a chinese film, in mandarin, cantonese, shanghainese, english and japanese, extreme violence, and S&M sex in extended explicit scenes! Not only did she fall asleep, but she woke up during one of the sex scenes (because of the screaming and grunting) and walked out! Anyway, this is another great Ang Lee film, great acting, what impressed me was the tension throughout the film, you knew the characters were involved in something life threatening, something more than they even knew. This is about the Japanese occupation of China (where they buried people alive) and a group of young, innocent students who want to kill an evil police chief collaborator. Its also a film about the role of women, repressed sexuality, and love. Well, I think its about love in a perverted way. This is a big production movie, lots of locations, involving lots of extras, recreating the streets of Shanghai and Hong Kong of the 1930's. It is extremely violent, and the sex scenes are....well....I guess they are acting, but if they are only acting, then they are really good actors. Long and intense, this is an incredible movie. What impressed me is that the tension extends throughout the film, even the ending leaves you wondering about what will happen next to the main character, Mr. Yee. Here's a longer trailer with music in chinese. I didn't watch to watch at parts, because it was so disturbing - I knew there would be great tragedy in the film. But I couldnt stop watching either. The film is emotionally exhausting.

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